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EU-Mannoroth Total damage done

PvP Realm
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1Finessê (u)Northwind574,574 M
2Díruminimal effort570,576 M
3Daromarminimal effort569,688 M
4AvistoNorthwind564,109 M
5Paintale (u)Nobody loves Gnimo533,111 M
6Vesprît (u)Northwind508,207 M
7Pugsley (u)Northwind495,835 M
8Baroq (u)Northwind484,402 M
9Truthbearer (u)Northwind474,478 M
10CoozaNorthwind460,264 M
11Ventrex (lfg)Farming and the Fu..454,788 M
12Pantalaika (u)Northwind454,623 M
13Flinkx (u)Northwind451,405 M
14Londo (u)Northwind451,327 M
15Nahbereich (u)Northwind438,823 M
16Serénity (u)Nobody loves Gnimo438,416 M
17Sylfur (u)Nobody loves Gnimo435,332 M
18Syraen (u)Northwind414,394 M
19BeiskaldíNobody loves Gnimo405,943 M
20BadikowskiNobody loves Gnimo404,485 M
21Daoka (u)Nobody loves Gnimo403,335 M
22XandôsNorthwind398,182 M
23Ðonkanailla (u)minimal effort391,384 M
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