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EU-Well of Eternity Total damage done

PvE Realm
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1WariusThe Family Business862,230 M
2AmphetamineNocturne Brotherhood726,082 M
3Giordy (u)The Family Business696,702 M
4VahssenQuantum Leap635,229 M
5ArumaraNc577,780 M
6BronnieThe Family Business571,134 M
7NepenthesQuantum Leap559,058 M
8SghemboThe Family Business539,652 M
9Dannemmar (u)Knights of Honor522,768 M
10Hyùna (u)Los Burros513,920 M
11Duray (u)Knights of Honor512,834 M
12Vændetta (u)The Family Business502,284 M
13Tethir (u)Quantum Leap498,908 M
14MadoctKnights of Honor497,532 M
15UnicornSolitari496,820 M
16CalcymònThe Family Business492,693 M
17MagìcEnrage490,967 M
18WindalfThe Family Business490,927 M
19Skulldemon (u)aNc488,101 M
20AshkelonQuantum Leap484,943 M
21Zeromus (u)Download481,902 M
22Isegrim (u)EX480,403 M
23ArelìaLast Reborn477,122 M
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