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FR Highest 3 man personal rating

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1Whaazlysnipz Cho'gall3,299
2Qkra Archimonde3,176
3Thésia Archimonde3,166
4Warframe Archimonde3,101
5LàmCan You Feel ItArchimonde3,101
6RímenViolence Begets Vi..Archimonde3,082
8Thesia Archimonde3,054
9Dòóp Archimonde3,041
10ParadigmzArena FamilyArchimonde3,039
12SozyyAgainst The WorIdArchimonde3,022
13RammuayPenche Toi Si Tu L..Archimonde3,003
14Ultraz Archimonde3,002
15Yukz Archimonde3,001
16DîxyzxAgainst The WorIdArchimonde2,971
17Yukzz Archimonde2,957
18Bouyå Archimonde2,957
19BouyaxT DECO C PAS GRAVEArchimonde2,957
20RùrúCan You Feel ItArchimonde2,955
21ØßviousNo Brain No GainDrek'Thar2,909
22Toyoha Archimonde2,898
23Haazftw Archimonde2,896
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