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Oceanic Highest 3 man personal rating

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1Leonardõ Jubei'Thos2,958
2Elite Dath'Remar2,937
3Toria Frostmourne2,934
4StaccatoThe Ruins of Orgri..Frostmourne2,869
5Brilliant Frostmourne2,826
6Scary Frostmourne2,809
7Comingsook Frostmourne2,809
8KimninoThe Ruins of Orgri..Frostmourne2,809
9AiidenxDMHN GamingThaurissan2,806
10Andypixy (u)NewbeeBarthilas2,790
11Grimlïght Frostmourne2,784
12Freshh Aman'Thul2,774
13FréshN KAman'Thul2,774
14ArtourShredded for Stere..Barthilas2,751
15Dynamismwinter is comingFrostmourne2,748
17Bam Frostmourne2,742
18DejanaBarbershop QuartetFrostmourne2,728
19FreshN KAman'Thul2,713
20Badworld Jubei'Thos2,706
21Inferirewinter is comingFrostmourne2,701
22ErkahdurkahN KAman'Thul2,699
23SomatronRandom MayhemFrostmourne2,686
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