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TW-Chillwind Point Total healing done

PvP Realm
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1小嘍嘍Blade Runner187,244 M
2傷心的復仇不一樣的格調186,573 M
3小嫩薩不一樣的格調169,020 M
4Dxt不一樣的格調151,468 M
5一把小槌子執著132,571 M
6有備而來Punishment of Asia125,699 M
7熊貓船長不一樣的格調120,671 M
8屮嘜小豬Live Or Die112,436 M
9Rhymeless絕傲部落103,788 M
10晴小雪執著99,676 M
11多多牛絕傲部落96,210 M
12手指逗貓棒愛的抱抱91,189 M
13Grin (u)蒼狼月影90,646 M
14千月映殞月90,566 M
15小波妞不一樣的格調89,173 M
16水晶風寒Sky castle88,446 M
17爆裂的天真不一樣的格調88,327 M
18那時花開執著86,768 M
19傑特拉洛絕傲部落86,299 M
20小小暹羅貓Beginning of the End84,919 M
21Ociris不一樣的格調84,370 M
22溫溫亂飛Blade Runner82,455 M
23被遺忘的矮人Light n darkness82,067 M
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