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TW-Chillwind Point Total healing received

PvP Realm
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1粉紅小蘋果執著112,388 M
2喵喵迴來了Live Or Die99,507 M
3希費斯特斯 (u)God and Aces92,363 M
4熊貓船長不一樣的格調92,301 M
5壽司的野望Live Or Die88,451 M
6Dxt不一樣的格調83,557 M
7悲劇的連續劇不一樣的格調79,901 M
8銀劍傻傻Beginning of the End75,877 M
9爆動族 (u)Blade Runner73,979 M
10御魂者Light n darkness69,747 M
11Yuruyuri不一樣的格調69,144 M
12灰飛但不湮滅 (u)Blue Wings67,391 M
13堤恩 (u)執著65,190 M
14Blademoon絕傲部落56,390 M
15奔跑的鬆獅不一樣的格調54,289 M
16裕達國貿不一樣的格調51,242 M
17明焰愛的抱抱50,605 M
18殺很大噴錢獸Invincible50,009 M
19傷心的復仇不一樣的格調48,716 M
20一克拉奶昔艾澤拉斯的天空46,441 M
21吾天 (u)不一樣的格調44,071 M
22黑手治安隊長Beginning of the End42,747 M
23房子壓死愛情Punishment of Asia41,379 M
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