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TW 2v2 victories

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1老北聖 風Silverwing Hold6,748
2口古口古雞Timber Wolf EyeWrathbringer4,836
3一阿法一Punishment of AsiaSpirestone4,090
4希神Silver LiningSSilverwing Hold3,842
5熾夢眾神黎明Bleeding Hollow3,514
6殘影噬魂MetempsychosisChillwind Point3,384
8粉友級宅男 Frostmane3,333
9滅之影Dragon SoulArthas3,018
10風滅影喜憨兒學院Bleeding Hollow2,854
12DreamflyRagnarokSundown Marsh2,771
13自尊魄永恆不朽Chillwind Point2,719
14丶牧師丶Justice League for..Silverwing Hold2,676
15無敵蛋卷仔We will win eventu..Arthas2,479
16冰蒼緋燄勇敢的小獵人Sundown Marsh2,475
17Sprint零的領域Zealot Blade2,433
18灰色領域Wing of FreedomStormscale2,423
20Amanii鋒芒Silverwing Hold2,354
21倦飛靈魂歸宿Sundown Marsh2,302
22鮪魚哇殺米Pinion of PhenixHellscream2,211
23古堂師名雪月凋零Silverwing Hold2,207
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