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TW-Menethil Total healing received

PvP Realm
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1破防紫色幽谷93,780 M
2Bearen紫色幽谷69,652 M
3凱恩丷血蹄EE68,903 M
4奧克塔娃神啟64,922 M
5囧裙子Final Dawn64,889 M
6奈良原悠子 (u)聖光之刃62,387 M
7幻燐小丸子EE62,306 M
8哞胖胖楓之傷60,367 M
9DoggycuteElfen Lied57,472 M
10小心落葉EE56,892 M
11修昂紫色幽谷54,326 M
12阿咘咘Elfen Lied53,879 M
13牛柳紫色幽谷51,602 M
14流光Last Chance48,165 M
15情義戀人很壞骷髏黨46,527 M
16大腳噗臻Last Chance46,290 M
17吃飽沒 (u)紫色幽谷43,460 M
18布里吉斯紫色幽谷42,666 M
19噗小晴Impervious40,406 M
20魔法專家爾泰紫色幽谷39,302 M
21名子有點難取紫色幽谷39,090 M
22銅鑼燒浩男楓之傷38,011 M
23問自己FantacyWonderLand37,313 M
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