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TW Total healing received

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1雅紗Brave VesperiaSilverwing Hold59,492 M
2風雷飄揚黑手團Silverwing Hold58,822 M
3新亞薩滿怒火燎原Sundown Marsh55,164 M
4新亞薩滿 Wrathbringer54,922 M
5八方火 (u)Play for UberSundown Marsh53,962 M
6逍遙大斌斌Formosa TaiwanCrystalpine Stinger51,065 M
7三杯WeekendsForceZealot Blade50,480 M
8黑暗蝙蝠創界Crystalpine Stinger50,019 M
9淡漠隨風阡陌Bleeding Hollow49,889 M
10Verrisa廣電總局Shadowmoon47,055 M
11薩得爾Evil IncursionShadowmoon46,879 M
12薩慢慢Endless StoryCrystalpine Stinger45,530 M
13殷薩兒帝國大學五號館Sundown Marsh45,402 M
14彩虹上的音符WeekendsForceZealot Blade45,236 M
15映芙蓉菜菜是個豬駐台服分砣Dragonmaw44,202 M
16空牙Final DawnFrostmane44,110 M
17古蛋蛋黑手之鄉Shadowmoon44,102 M
18安吉毛 (u)琅琊Silverwing Hold42,590 M
19怒眼雷震AsgardNightsong41,630 M
20夏天的果果小動物保護協會第二分會Silverwing Hold41,567 M
21ZimbardLavande LaevatainWorld Tree41,398 M
22好陌陌Brave VesperiaSilverwing Hold41,268 M
23亞古晴人風凌渡Wrathbringer40,475 M
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