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US-Cenarius Highest 2 man personal rating

PvE Realm
24IcelancelolWindspear Clan1,681
26Thelma (u)Avowry1,668
27ZoränderThe Queens Knights1,666
28BrumstaLate Crew1,646
29AesyrynDawn Eternal1,625
31QwatRaiding is Srs Bus..1,591
32PetrolRaiding is Srs Bus..1,590
33WyldfireLast Pull1,588
34QuippyLate Crew1,570
35Pyromaniiac 1,568
36Saintar (u)Annihilus1,561
37Elleria (u)Pirate1,548
38DrthulleLast Pull1,543
39SeiriTeam Banzai1,542
40Notoriusbig 1,533
41DamàclesLate Crew1,529
42WolfblazeLast Pull1,526
43KilldotqtLast Pull1,523
44KularaniniWindspear Clan1,520
45NancyeeChimera Legion1,517
46KahawseAlways Faithful1,517
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