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US 5v5 victories

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1Siphrhey im mvpTichondrius1,519
2Rng Frostmourne1,310
3Venrukihey im mvpTichondrius1,215
4Abn Altar of Storms1,068
5KaligonFallen IITichondrius1,035
6BlazingSapphire GuardGoldrinn997
7TowleeNethergard WatchBurning Blade964
8Kremzeek (u)DiscreteTichondrius954
9SheldonKrusty KrewKel'Thuzad949
10CoolbutsWHATEVER WERE AWES..Magtheridon907
11Creamsicle (u) Perenolde894
12MercilesszezTwenty One and UpDarkspear894
13Shòótz Tichondrius888
14Verinastyone lesson per dayTichondrius858
16Inflow Spinebreaker841
17ProcitCasually SeriousSargeras839
18SestrenFist of Aman ThulEarthen Ring835
19Owoopshey im mvpTichondrius812
20BeastkillrSacred SamophlangeSkywall802
21Wolfticketzhey im mvpTichondrius799
22Capstonesir Kel'Thuzad795
23CapstonexEndless GamingKel'Thuzad795
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