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US Highest 5 man personal rating

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1Abn Altar of Storms2,957
2Vidrazhey im mvpTichondrius2,931
3Piecez Tichondrius2,915
4Piecezprime Stormrage2,915
5PiecezChallenge AcceptedKhadgar2,915
6Jamagex Tichondrius2,900
7NobodysevenIn The CloudsKel'Thuzad2,891
8ThrictonDagon RushEmerald Dream2,857
9ProffzWHOLESOME GUYSKel'Thuzad2,852
10Creamsicle (u) Perenolde2,838
11Onlyplaymage Mannoroth2,838
12Venrukihey im mvpTichondrius2,821
14Sifrhow about nowTichondrius2,779
15Siphr Tichondrius2,779
16Musicone lesson per dayTichondrius2,766
17Shrektko Kel'Thuzad2,766
18Capstonesir Kel'Thuzad2,764
19CapstonexEndless GamingKel'Thuzad2,764
20JuggeryzVis MajorKil'Jaeden2,755
21Verinastyone lesson per dayTichondrius2,752
22Donemage Tichondrius2,751
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