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US Quests Completed

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1SalslissObsidian OrderGilneas51,312
3KhaleazzieLegends of MagicBlade's Edge39,772
4AgallagerLegends of MagicBlade's Edge39,719
5KandycaneLegends of MagicBlade's Edge39,683
7VadervBabe LegionIllidan38,218
8MyrddValley Of DeathAzjol-Nerub37,589
9RiacKnights of AzerothThe Forgotten Coast36,912
10AzurfelMachete SquadThe Forgotten Coast35,687
11Mugmanimus (u)Village IdiotKil'Jaeden34,776
12CoramanSoulboundThe Scryers32,484
13TaeneeChosen OnesShadowsong32,457
14DefacaCandy and a VanUldaman29,577
16ZyberThe Phoenix RebornTuralyon28,929
17FirestalkerMaidens of the DawnBronzebeard28,297
18NixalegosKeeper of Forbidde..Moon Guard27,431
19Honorleah (u)Legends of MagicThunderhorn27,349
20PhyageKonoha VillageNer'zhul26,772
21ZomaFar East EndgameBlackrock26,765
22KneebrausThis Mortal CoilDawnbringer26,466
23PazzmanSabotageThe Underbog26,421
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