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US-Connected Azuremyst Total deaths from opposite faction

PvE Realm
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1Bullzye 11,035
2DwemeorEchoes of Infinity9,458
3HooshierWe Party Naked9,326
4RedninjaHere comes D Boom7,171
5Critspirace 7,115
6PiperjohnnGnomeland Security7,016
7GivernewtSouthern Alliance ..6,614
8OdornEchoes of Infinity6,499
10GrümpyGnomeland Security5,534
11Pacpriest 5,507
12Korinas 5,298
13CyphorRated M For Mature5,210
14IgotfiveonitBall So Hard Gaming5,094
15KelgarnEchoes of Infinity4,980
16SummerroseSavage Impulses4,943
18RoronoaSap It and Tap It4,831
19ThroatcutterSavage Impulses4,811
20FrostTell Us A Story4,758
21KrakenjackThe Condottieri4,607
22AsylumSouthern Alliance ..4,601
23DeliciousoneSouthern Alliance ..4,549
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