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US-Connected Cho'gall Total damage received

PvP Realm
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1BentObsolete111,026 M
2Casa (u)Void94,652 M
3TymñGood Players92,997 M
4KorwagInfallible81,372 M
5IshmarnExtradition72,377 M
6CunningMorior Invictus68,578 M
7AtheismftwVoid66,144 M
8Rogosh (u)Extradition63,832 M
9Salvaging (u)Morior Invictus61,022 M
10CaliboeufMorior Invictus60,996 M
11RawrstarAltercation59,638 M
12Wombocombod (u)Morior Invictus59,227 M
13CollassusExile56,677 M
14GoobbieMalice55,187 M
15WuckabeastFelsteel Warriors54,471 M
16Grayfeather (u)Cinder and Ash53,952 M
17HumburgerAgent of Khaos53,923 M
18MoofhrdInebriated Raiding53,120 M
19OhbeewunDeadpool53,018 M
20Malucö (u)Novus Initium52,445 M
21ExuriEven Flow49,175 M
22Primûs 47,555 M
23Powerremains 47,252 M
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