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US-Connected Doomhammer Total healing received

PvE Realm
24DellusionLimit Break18,111 M
25DrtargetBloodlust17,841 M
26RoreeRelic17,678 M
27HollohNo Rest for The Wi..17,212 M
28Cormin (u)Deviants16,670 M
29DayfishDrow16,597 M
30MajeureSACRED16,579 M
31IsabellahGoodwill Gamers16,362 M
32PitpåtLimit Break16,192 M
33Aríanna (u)Integrity15,685 M
34Fochiflowerpower15,454 M
35Kelayra (u)Something Wicked15,328 M
36Gregorovich (u)Eternity14,530 M
37LayoteesRuination14,463 M
38BloodlusttNo Rest for The Wi..14,331 M
39EdamameHome Brewed14,185 M
40ShockeyeTo the Rescue14,132 M
41CheveyoTo the Rescue14,086 M
42MissiónSACRED14,085 M
43TobiumeArs Discordia13,988 M
44SpirtcallerKnights of Shadows13,849 M
45DurnkCrisp13,715 M
46WagglesGoodwill Gamers13,231 M
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