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US-Connected Doomhammer Total damage done

PvE Realm
24EspiiAncient Order of UMs181,692 M
25Dranzon 180,966 M
26UnknownkinggNOPE NOPE NOPE178,969 M
27Askar 178,210 M
28SiegebornHeroic By Default173,157 M
29GortiMalice Aforethought171,239 M
30LiquidiceArisen166,712 M
31BreakfasteatWipes on Trash164,816 M
32GhomyKnights of Dragon ..163,338 M
33VelisiaIntegrity162,867 M
34Southall (u)Relic162,658 M
35ZkingicemanlDie with Music160,834 M
36ChrisSomething Wicked160,801 M
37RagepyreWicked Tribe160,025 M
38BudWipes on Trash157,169 M
39Gongjan 147,196 M
40JeagerMagic141,438 M
41BeaniiSomething Wicked141,030 M
42Unfal (u)Ruination140,530 M
43FyrceGenuine Insanity140,428 M
44TurophileFresh136,806 M
45Sarris (u)Revenge133,600 M
46PyahIs Globaled133,148 M
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