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US-Connected Doomhammer Total damage received

PvE Realm
24PantalamionSACRED47,579 M
25Mantra (u)SACRED47,205 M
26FkerWipes on Trash46,729 M
27AudacityRelic46,295 M
28SiegebornHeroic By Default46,167 M
29Slyght (u)Crisp46,064 M
30DukauwMasters of Mayhem45,266 M
31Lckygrl (u)JustJack45,239 M
32SondsDrow45,160 M
33BiscuitheadSteel Legion44,720 M
34NarushkaLords of the Realm44,680 M
35SchmoppaMalice Aforethought43,093 M
36SkullztwoDeaths Rise42,757 M
37ArchimtirosCrisp42,570 M
38KrizaSteel Legion42,456 M
39ÌambraveRuination42,366 M
40Zoobie (u)Fresh42,210 M
41MetafrolicDrow41,824 M
42Solfist 41,723 M
43FrozendixCrisp41,574 M
44EvilwafflesFresh40,999 M
45GrumI See What You Did..40,970 M
46Shoeshiner (u)Crisp40,954 M
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