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US-Connected Eredar Total damage done

PvP Realm
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1Illusifer (u)Capital Vices596,272 M
2Unggoy (u)Capital Vices553,288 M
3Indygochild 539,796 M
4Frozenhawk (u)Months Behind535,542 M
6ÁlexMonths Behind368,253 M
7Vadasz (u)Ashes of Gorefiend361,468 M
8Krauth 346,008 M
9LizethBlasphemy344,003 M
10BeåstCelestial Reign341,085 M
11MonitoCapital Vices319,596 M
12Llzardbreath 313,240 M
13KimorePredominant311,848 M
14Xeryas 301,531 M
15MoskeebeeWhiskey Brigade294,314 M
16Kaido (u)Knights of The Old285,914 M
17LetsshotCelestial Reign283,476 M
18Axatar 281,442 M
19TialaGorefiend Best Ser..268,468 M
20Omona 262,265 M
21BanëTramatic Experience256,294 M
22XloudmanMonths Behind243,021 M
23AdrianaPredominant238,615 M
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