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US-Connected Eredar Total damage done

PvP Realm
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1ChomraMonths Behind528,748 M
2Krukgar 466,515 M
3NoleafcloverVex453,857 M
4Rebdull (u)Months Behind424,069 M
5Sean (u)Capital Vices423,603 M
6Priscillah (u)Ashes of Gorefiend341,900 M
7Kira (u) 300,033 M
8Klugarini 297,029 M
10EnglasuUltimatum264,500 M
11KalisthoCelestial Reign256,374 M
12Zaradron (u)The Problem Is Peo..252,952 M
13XeromemTramatic Experience237,031 M
14WtfwasthatHard Casual232,062 M
15HalysisCapital Vices230,002 M
16PaladinThe Tired228,051 M
17Vaggrant 225,216 M
18VitadinVex200,793 M
19PadiiPack Ratz183,312 M
20EgðKnights of The Old180,602 M
21WowcoholicSurge180,443 M
22TmiSlashLíck177,507 M
23ButternutsWasted Potential174,857 M
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