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US-Connected Icecrown Total damage done

PvE Realm
24Afex 142,314 M
25UndeadfoxPeons No More141,518 M
26GriffcaCarpe Diem138,760 M
27DeviatorFurious Pantaloons136,324 M
28CalianeLightbearer133,291 M
29RicereVeikar130,799 M
30ShanasKnights who say Ni122,018 M
31FaistoissAcolytes of Thrall121,783 M
32NamelesswordTribute121,047 M
33ChianaOften Misquoted120,382 M
34PanoramaEvocati118,516 M
35Lyckity (u)Tribute116,984 M
36FretShadowmoon Knights113,659 M
37Ebrsux 112,057 M
38VeladoriaPeons No More111,386 M
39IllistDevils Ascendants108,921 M
40NoneiFurious Pantaloons100,096 M
41Sprockley (u)Crimson Ravens98,772 M
42ZalgoPizza Club98,323 M
43VanyelleClan of the Red Dr..98,156 M
44DragonwariorCookies For Nookie96,248 M
45BleedieDarn the Goats91,579 M
46Bec (u)Evocati87,586 M
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