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US-Connected Icecrown Total healing done

PvE Realm
24Dargonlebold (u)Second Nature2,786 M
25KurochiMetric2,721 M
26RougedogCasually Inclined2,705 M
27ArchalVeikar2,694 M
28ShredderDistorted2,654 M
29NakedwarriorEvocati2,640 M
30RixiiETF2,615 M
31AquanetteFatality2,527 M
32HargafalelDev Null2,525 M
33MetalboneThe Sons Of Odin2,472 M
34UnfallableEternal Serenity2,461 M
35TyroneqtTribute2,452 M
36GarohDeaths Brood2,442 M
37FuldaiMetric2,435 M
38GuyyFurious Pantaloons2,398 M
39CptgigglesTribute2,302 M
40FataldarkoneFierce Creatures2,298 M
41SlayabunnyPizza Club2,232 M
42TaniwhaElitist Effect2,211 M
43FoxygrandpapCrimson Shadow2,211 M
44CearbhallEternal Serenity2,188 M
45CuttsVindicatum2,184 M
46Mysck (u)Well Equipped2,163 M
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