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US-Connected Icecrown Total healing done

PvE Realm
24SeraphimsiesInner Product4,102 M
25Krepo 4,067 M
26IcesaberOnslaught4,033 M
27FurphuxayxCaustic3,934 M
28Linc (u)Lightbearer3,927 M
29SoccShadowmoon Knights3,876 M
30Damerot (u)Clan of the Red Dr..3,823 M
31ßodieIn For the Kill3,814 M
32Acceptable (lfg)Blades Of Rage3,770 M
33TristanwolfDev Null3,716 M
34CalistinChildren of the Da..3,696 M
35EvilcookiieInstruments of Night3,680 M
36Songjin 3,658 M
37WyrmslayerReminiscence3,639 M
38ThurstenDeus Invictus3,630 M
39WickedskillCrimson Ravens3,572 M
40GremmlockCrimson Shadow3,571 M
41Ashiva 3,568 M
42Explîcitwhurs ur kek nao3,464 M
43RojoDreadnoughts3,433 M
44SickboyDreadnoughts3,422 M
45OrcruinRevenge3,395 M
46Mcwipesalott 3,356 M
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