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US-Connected Mannoroth Total damage received

PvP Realm
24DatfourlokoResurgence51,949 M
25YamySophisticated Grace51,719 M
26TrompuWoot Progression51,622 M
27SeriouszweiShadow Knights50,705 M
28QuntezInfinity49,462 M
29MadwomanFlames of the Fallen45,334 M
30BabanaSnP44,871 M
31SherpaderpInfinity44,630 M
32DestructoidWoot Progression43,807 M
33MexipaladinZero Downtime43,602 M
34SwiftcleverWe Raid Arenas43,116 M
35Oathkeyper (u)Shadow Knights42,768 M
36RiethAchievement42,406 M
37Constantine (u)Woot Progression42,278 M
38SaeadínEl Diablo42,173 M
39RevitalizeWe Raid Arenas42,000 M
40Pandora (u)Reckoning41,943 M
41Damartyr (u)Infinity41,861 M
42VaskuAchievement41,250 M
43Hmnijaiwky (u)Aggroed41,232 M
44DaarckToo Heavy to Carry41,110 M
45Tarcalion (u)Afterlife41,043 M
46ArchaousInfinity40,692 M
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