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US-Connected Spirestone Total damage done

PvP Realm
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1Shmadu (u)The Bad and the Ugly542,776 M
2Deadlyhunt (u)Keep Calm496,652 M
3Tookz 471,723 M
4Myath (u)tlc459,631 M
5KairiThe Bad and the Ugly399,496 M
6FinalheroMalus Nexu393,434 M
7Ibiwen 380,064 M
8Kysaki 379,669 M
9DeadKeep Calm358,379 M
10DraykkeKeep Calm354,085 M
11RheanysONE352,728 M
12XoaiPwncakes and Roffles339,739 M
13FaxxieONE337,855 M
14XiiaConflux334,855 M
15Codagrimm (u)EightySixed319,557 M
16Coolbreezy 309,381 M
17Musculate (u)The Bad and the Ugly309,296 M
18NightsechoInevitable303,973 M
19Sparklehappy 295,688 M
20Mickfiler (u)The Bad and the Ugly284,076 M
21FeradorGluten Intolerance279,446 M
22Syrara (u)Keep Calm278,655 M
23XibezSchism278,636 M
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