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US-Connected Spirestone Total healing done

PvP Realm
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1Obbvious 17,093 M
2Wrongshot 15,986 M
3NightsechoInevitable14,763 M
4Myath (u)tlc13,669 M
5KairiThe Bad and the Ugly13,252 M
6Hamstar 12,403 M
7StormstrikerParadigm Shift12,358 M
8Musculate (u)The Bad and the Ugly11,730 M
9Kysaki 11,086 M
10HanskywalkerOrder of War10,091 M
11DeadKeep Calm9,864 M
12SnâilMalus Nexu9,756 M
13FinalheroMalus Nexu9,370 M
14SuzenahEightySixed7,737 M
15Grishnakhkillers of the night7,512 M
16JegariThe Aggro Crag7,478 M
17Dafei 7,454 M
18RastásExecrated7,226 M
19Seethe 7,123 M
20FiercenfoxyStormwind Counting..7,027 M
21XoaiPwncakes and Roffles6,836 M
22EmiliosThe Bad and the Ugly6,772 M
23ShepardFractured6,721 M
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