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US-Connected Spirestone Total healing done

PvP Realm
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1NightsechoInevitable13,593 M
2Myath (u)tlc11,928 M
3StormstrikerParadigm Shift11,055 M
4KysakiThe Bad and the Ugly10,984 M
5HanskywalkerOrder of War10,075 M
6Musculate (u)The Bad and the Ugly9,984 M
7DeadKeep Calm9,375 M
8SnâilMalus Nexu8,252 M
9Flëxo (u)Adapt8,241 M
10FinalheroMalus Nexu7,866 M
11XoaiPwncakes and Roffles6,836 M
12Snully 6,673 M
13Ibiwen 6,630 M
14EmiliosThe Bad and the Ugly6,517 M
15JegariThe Aggro Crag6,483 M
16Codagrimm (u)EightySixed6,364 M
17JugulatorSapere Aude6,347 M
18SuzenahEightySixed6,302 M
19SeetheThe Fable6,213 M
20ShepardFractured6,187 M
21Grishnakhkillers of the night5,979 M
22Shadowmancer 5,897 M
23Superballs 5,847 M
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