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US-Connected Spirestone Highest 3 man personal rating

PvP Realm
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2Missizzye x i l e2,671
3Chexloldee you why2,642
4Steviewonder 2,602
5DominantGluten Intolerance2,443
6Mïsh 2,414
7Rerollmage 2,304
9Garrnz 2,296
10Generìc 2,217
11WarpxDun Morogh Mafia2,213
12CocorosieArmy of the Deserter2,196
13Routerslayer 2,181
14MongoriansMalus Nexu2,167
15VicetoneThe Burning Legions2,147
16Roxist 2,132
18KitefordaysWicked Knights2,085
19Harugnomee x i l e2,076
20AstatorrPower Friends2,067
21NekzyHates Pandas2,050
22UrmathWicked Knights2,048
23YoungfreezyStormwind Counting..2,036
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