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US-Connected Spirestone Total damage received

PvP Realm
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1TaiinAdapt40,620 M
2TiggërThe Bad and the Ugly37,777 M
3MuriloAdapt35,957 M
4Andraste (u)Keep Calm34,499 M
5SakiaraConflux31,773 M
6BakiThe Bad and the Ugly30,652 M
7Dratr (u)Sapere Aude30,051 M
8Devos (u)Keep Calm29,999 M
9NagiPillar of Might27,549 M
10Sunspote x i l e26,284 M
11XavellaONE26,077 M
12PushmeCasual Encounters25,543 M
13PillowcaseRaging Hard Richards24,486 M
14ThedokAdapt24,082 M
15ShoclateThe Bad and the Ugly22,777 M
16Jaytonetlc21,440 M
17DenatanisKeep Calm21,437 M
18SyiduckONE21,274 M
19AfphieAdapt20,459 M
20Mirabellae x i l e19,951 M
21Beefshamburg (u)The Bad and the Ugly19,660 M
22SaenkoSouthsea Strongarms19,263 M
23LókîthSolidarity18,950 M
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