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US-Connected Spirestone Total kills that grant experience or honor

PvP Realm
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1NagiPillar of Might734,181
2PillowcaseRaging Hard Richards527,506
3Sunspote x i l e506,064
4Devos (u)Keep Calm505,840
5TiggërThe Bad and the Ugly499,046
6BakiThe Bad and the Ugly491,164
7ShoclateThe Bad and the Ugly490,429
8Malfunktion (u)Blackdawn485,679
10SaenkoSouthsea Strongarms422,928
11Dratr (u)Sapere Aude402,472
12RaousTribes of Darkness391,962
13Andraste (u)Keep Calm388,226
15PushmeCasual Encounters351,813
16ReebMimirons Headache351,341
17AtathSounds Complicated323,119
19Ryuji 305,442
20FlooliParadigm Shift304,157
21RakshasiThe Aggro Crag299,754
22Kaidrakillers of the night298,916
23Beefshamburg (u)The Bad and the Ugly298,855
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