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US-Connected Spirestone Total kills that grant experience or honor

PvP Realm
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1NagiPvp Gods803,283
2PillowcaseRaging Hard Richards582,322
3Zyky 540,777
4Mysterieux 539,775
5Devos 528,735
6Malfunktion (u)Blackdawn524,199
7Sunspote x i l e514,640
8TiggërThe Bad and the Ugly500,347
9ShoclateThe Bad and the Ugly498,889
10Baki 495,906
11Nadz 487,505
12SaenkoSouthsea Strongarms468,093
13CairmBand Of Bandits447,470
14Dratr (u)Sapere Aude444,857
15Taiin 432,438
17RaousTribes of Darkness397,994
18Andraste (u)Keep Calm389,627
20ReebMalus Nexu375,969
22Pushme 366,237
23WindfüryBattle Buddies362,730
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