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US-Connected Spirestone Total damage received

PvP Realm
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1Mobius (u)Adapt130,260 M
2PandamanConflux122,839 M
3Zephae (u)Keep Calm114,120 M
4Memoryleak 111,909 M
5KtangGluten Intolerance95,283 M
6RawriörONE84,190 M
7SaeilfaKeep Calm82,868 M
8Soltron (u)Sounds Complicated75,702 M
9BadzerathKeep Calm74,945 M
10AdtorCasual Encounters74,746 M
11OboronMongolian Chop Squad73,709 M
12ElvKeep Calm70,592 M
13ErazielConflux70,526 M
14MickThe Bad and the Ugly70,032 M
15Meechka (u)Wartorn69,374 M
16SilicoONE68,859 M
17ShikyokamiFever68,671 M
18Dk (u)The Bad and the Ugly68,638 M
19TuchokWar Drums68,244 M
20Vueltotlc67,626 M
21TharwEightySixed66,706 M
22BunnyqtSounds Complicated65,684 M
23Belithe (u)Solidarity65,543 M
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