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US-Connected Ysera Highest 3 man personal rating

PvE Realm
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1Exumbroski (u)GuildyololqtXOXOzgf2,733
2HotgirlxCheck Please2,552
3HotboyxCheck Please2,477
4ViliaChallenger Trainin..2,345
5ThoughtseizeCheck Please2,341
6CuisdyCheck Please2,319
7Kôd 2,255
9Noriala 2,235
10Lightkid 2,103
11Parcera 2,075
12BlundersCheck Please2,068
13LacardoLeague of Shadows2,011
14BuffmepleaseThe Lizards2,007
15YogurtjrChallenger Trainin..2,000
16Ravenxo 1,945
18ChodemasterxChallenger Trainin..1,932
19SyncaCheck Please1,919
20IsomaxPopeyes Chicken1,903
21Tenfour 1,895
22Sín 1,884
23ProudsoulAvid Indoorsmen1,854
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