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US-Elune Total damage done

PvE Realm
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1Activezstalk and kill386,267 M
2Apple (lfg)Instability386,081 M
3Kryptonic (u)Inner Focus381,576 M
4NightgeckoAmnesty357,193 M
5DannelcheActa Santi353,463 M
6DarachFusion353,433 M
7DeathadderAmnesty338,915 M
8ArianoFusion323,252 M
9MisojosUndying Resolution323,176 M
10Anthuan (u)Axis321,072 M
11FinduilasFusion319,278 M
12Sineater (u)Dark Skies313,797 M
13Zweibella (u)Undying Resolution308,855 M
14Ponerya (u)Undying Resolution306,690 M
15EallynFusion299,457 M
16FirathaUndying Resolution299,186 M
17ShaldoleUndying Resolution297,502 M
18RekviemUndying Resolution297,439 M
19GlemBetter Part of Valor295,335 M
20TizzieInstability293,993 M
21AmarashiInstability290,705 M
22PawnfuUndying Resolution289,954 M
23GhartleyThe Order of Orpheus277,091 M
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