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US-Mal'Ganis Total damage done

PvP Realm
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1Kilzac (u)OBSCURE REFERENCE531,316 M
2LukillithSeraph507,673 M
3VannisshhSemi Respectable502,423 M
4Excels (u)Heart of the Cards458,014 M
5ItchyyVigil439,410 M
6Cytoma (u)OBSCURE REFERENCE438,859 M
7Raiid (u)Vintage412,577 M
8SickstealthOBSCURE REFERENCE405,408 M
9Linchen (u)Jolly Cooperation403,778 M
10Neuroxxic (u)Seraph395,553 M
11Frontliner (u)Heart of the Cards394,176 M
12Bromosapien (u)Vigil386,775 M
13IntrinscIniquity371,203 M
14Sniip (u)Vintage365,641 M
15DritzleHeart of the Cards355,859 M
16Evac (u)Vigil353,697 M
17McstabemsHeart of the Cards351,379 M
18FørgetmenotSeraph346,619 M
19HvitserkElitist Jerks346,143 M
20Jàred (u)Seraph339,369 M
21EllieaDunk Squad333,767 M
22Superpuff 330,691 M
23Branderp (u)Heart of the Cards326,391 M
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