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US 3v3 matches

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1Fuzionzhey im mvpTichondrius19,211
2Khrylhey im mvpTichondrius19,081
3Serotoninhey im mvpTichondrius15,145
4AshwinNo Clear No SleepFrostmourne11,135
5SugarcubedHostile TakeoverBleeding Hollow10,815
6Emrihealzbuy a carry from meTichondrius10,675
7Sugarkills Bleeding Hollow10,666
8Seuhey im mvpTichondrius10,446
9WizkxRBG NERDSTichondrius9,757
11Pooterz Tichondrius9,368
12Sodezhey im mvpTichondrius8,803
13MallicceCasually SeriousSargeras8,752
14Vumeli Barthilas8,746
16PriesteyoMost dominant everTichondrius8,699
17HyderaTempest GardenSargeras8,388
19Regimentxohey im mvpTichondrius7,721
20MìchelleStratton OakmontKel'Thuzad7,650
21SchnookumzEndless GamingKel'Thuzad7,458
22Rowd (u)EspionageStormscale7,371
23EnzymezKORGATH GOON SQUADKorgath7,334
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