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US Arenas won

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1DitchjonessB U C K F A R R YKel'Thuzad19,969
2Jahmilli Tichondrius18,043
3Jahmilli Blackrock17,609
4MercilesszezTwenty One and UpDarkspear16,721
5Abn Altar of Storms16,514
6Verinastyone lesson per dayTichondrius15,347
7Siphr Tichondrius14,255
9Creamsicle (u) Perenolde14,043
11Venrukihey im mvpTichondrius13,832
12Magebroqt Tichondrius13,679
13Nosked Tichondrius13,477
14Shòótz Tichondrius13,159
15Rippdd Kel'Thuzad12,649
16Piecezprimehey im mvpTichondrius12,614
17ComedownNights WatchThe Forgotten Coast12,581
18Essyexwinter is comingFrostmourne12,529
19Kannetix Tichondrius12,328
20Reefercheefr Blackrock12,078
21Rng Frostmourne11,996
22Chexloldee you whyRivendare11,843
23CoolbutsWHATEVER WERE AWES..Magtheridon11,730
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