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Remember, after you have killed a boss, couple of your raid members should exit to the character selection screen in order to update Armory
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US Highest 3 man personal rating

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1VenomaWHOLESOME GUYSKel'Thuzad3,110
2MaldivaCheck PleaseDurotan3,047
3WeabooslayerGuild of ThugonomiczTichondrius3,044
4RawrgzWHOLESOME GUYSKel'Thuzad3,039
5ThugonomiczNot Amazing Just K..Tichondrius3,036
6Aminalcrackr Mal'Ganis3,035
7Flaazun (u)Chosen ExileArea 523,030
8KelarmNot Amazing Just K..Tichondrius3,016
9Chanimals Tichondrius3,014
10Señorsquid Blackrock3,014
11Donelock Dath'Remar3,014
12Dpsonroids (u)MidwinterSargeras3,011
13Nadagasttdone dadsTichondrius3,011
15ChanimoleratRIP will of the fo..Tichondrius3,005
16TragicmofuguRIP will of the fo..Tichondrius3,004
17Chanimalhey im mvpTichondrius3,002
19NewmanSapere AudeSpirestone2,989
20ChedicaGuildless NoobsMagtheridon2,987
22Faetalhey im mvpTichondrius2,976
23FaetaliciousStill BallinBloodhoof2,976
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