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US 5v5 victories

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1Lollipopman Dath'Remar2,017
2Vanguards Darkspear1,845
3SinedWHATEVER WERE AWES..Magtheridon1,750
4KollektivRIP will of the fo..Tichondrius1,711
5DrscarphdSlash CryIllidan1,671
6Pahtakhey im mvpTichondrius1,652
7Rødebøy Ragnaros1,641
9Athlete Mug'thol1,624
10Jurgen Mannoroth1,593
11Exploitz Daggerspine1,574
12Nobadzhey im mvpTichondrius1,543
13Siphrhey im mvpTichondrius1,519
14DclantisWHOLESOME GUYSKel'Thuzad1,506
16Dpsonroids (u)MidwinterSargeras1,442
17Karvinentwohey im mvpTichondrius1,440
18GrunzBlood LegionIllidan1,421
19ConvictionEchelonBlack Dragonflight1,417
21Bulrugxhey im mvpTichondrius1,337
22DeadlyassianParty All The TimeLightbringer1,320
23Rng Frostmourne1,310
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