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US-Sargeras Highest 2 man personal rating

PvP Realm
24Rehzinator 2,410
25MissedkickWE OUTCHEA2,410
26BlindLegends Anonymous2,402
27MufasaLegends Anonymous2,402
28Dtpt 2,401
29Pdeevs 2,395
30Wervie 2,392
31ShoegäzerTime to Cook2,390
32Slootcity 2,384
33Drunkslootwashed after one s..2,384
34Gagx 2,384
35Evenme 2,381
36ZpoopooWe Tamed You2,381
37Suikoden (u)The Mob2,380
38ZirosThe Last Page2,378
39Youngkøbe 2,375
41Johnhopkinz 2,370
42Killervirusx 2,370
43PistolmanxRealm Last2,368
44Solidus 2,367
45TyrinisThe Final Countdown2,365
46ReckagexSUPER FRIENDSHIP G..2,364
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