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US-Sargeras Highest 2 man personal rating

PvP Realm
23KookookumarFaceless Men2,620
25Seed 2,615
26Sonics 2,611
27ElconTime to Cook2,607
28Guillõtine 2,606
29XytaxutaWe Tamed You2,600
30StarfailNothing Personal2,594
31Paxx 2,593
32RampagezYolo to Glad2,593
33PenunceYolo to Glad2,592
34KanbusiPVE POWER2,590
36HatefurySiNS Frostwolf2,587
37Tigerladyirl (u)Smitus and Friends2,585
38MojuloTime to Cook2,576
39Zammz 2,575
40Ècho 2,574
42Ziffyx 2,570
43Shwangington 2,566
44PepitõHalfway House Gaming2,566
45JuzìPVE POWER2,560
46Máldazzar 2,559
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