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US-Sargeras Arenas played

PvP Realm
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1Laizy 38,444
2ObscurrtkoParkin lot Flexxin35,416
3Dillypooeat sleep pvp repeat28,664
4Probell 26,977
5SpellhowlerUnsung Heroes24,595
6WakarusaYolo to Glad21,490
7WatchmeduangPVE POWER21,309
8Reverze 19,662
10AngryvirginHashtag Yolo Swag19,566
11Bloodfused 19,393
12MaumauxYolo to Glad19,377
13MallicceCasually Serious19,314
14PwntimStraight Outta Con..19,214
15Cryogenics 19,209
16Haroutbro 18,557
17KilleryouAstro Glide18,333
18ErieNothing Personal17,851
19KookookumarFaceless Men17,762
20RicefarmerxWe Tamed You17,484
21AdverbsStraight Outta Con..17,221
22Daidaimao 17,209
23Cthuludreams 16,790
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