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US-Sargeras Highest 2 man personal rating

PvP Realm
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1Mageiden 2,706
2RizaTime to Cook2,656
3RaileighGet Well Soon2,624
4ProcitCasually Serious2,558
5ShinraaOld Dirty Badgers2,550
6CøwerPVE POWER2,545
7ZanV A N Q U I S H2,538
8AraltusCasual Elitists2,520
9Haroutbro 2,504
10TymilliaVictoria Vel Nex2,468
11LenfantChaotic Intent2,461
12Babypiecez 2,444
13WrrecksRealm Last2,440
14Midgetpower (u)Kill Order2,398
16WkinYolo to Glad2,385
17BignussCasual Elitists2,365
18Wienerlancex 2,358
19Celerityz 2,346
20MizzdDivide and Conquer2,346
21Beefyshtbrah 2,339
22CowcowqtPVE POWER2,333
23Grandmapantswe play godcomp2,331
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