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Pet Score: 72.55
West: n/a (mage: n/a)
EU: n/a(mage: n/a)
RU: n/a(mage: 16262)
realm: n/a(mage: 1043)

Battle Pets Army

16humanoidMurkimus the Gladiatorhealth: 1026power: 185speed: 16623.47
15aquaticStrand Crabhealth: 1124power: 156speed: 14620.35
12elementalSinister Squashlinghealth: 755power: 147speed: 12312.32
12mechanicalTiny Harvesterhealth: 777power: 114speed: 12111.38
8magicEnchanted Broomhealth: 484power: 77speed: 964.24
3flyingChickenhealth: 256power: 31speed: 390.42
3critterPrairie Doghealth: 253power: 29speed: 320.38
1elementalCore Hound Puphealth: 161power: 13speed: 80.00
1undeadFossilized Hatchlinghealth: 155power: 12speed: 100.00
1aquaticMr. Chillyhealth: 153power: 10speed: 110.00
1critterPerky Pughealth: 145power: 12speed: 100.00
1undeadSen'jin Fetishhealth: 151power: 11speed: 100.00
1aquaticSmall Froghealth: 158power: 10speed: 110.00
1undeadVampiric Batlinghealth: 155power: 12speed: 100.00
1beastBaby Blizzard Bearhealth: 153power: 11speed: 100.00
1flyingBlue Mini Jousterhealth: 156power: 9speed: 100.00
1aquaticFishyhealth: 153power: 10speed: 100.00
1flyingGold Mini Jousterhealth: 148power: 11speed: 100.00
1flyingJade Crane Chickhealth: 151power: 11speed: 100.00
1dragonkinOnyxian Whelplinghealth: 161power: 13speed: 80.00
1beastOrange Tabby Cathealth: 145power: 11speed: 100.00
1flyingTiny Flameflyhealth: 151power: 10speed: 110.00
1flyingWhite Tickbird Hatchlinghealth: 147power: 9speed: 120.00
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