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Battle Pets Army

16magicArcane Eyehealth: 780power: 142speed: 13418.05
15flyingTainted Mothhealth: 805power: 120speed: 12615.65
14beastScorpidhealth: 814power: 143speed: 14316.02
14aquaticToadhealth: 890power: 141speed: 13416.02
13dragonkinDerpyhealth: 672power: 134speed: 12012.51
11aquaticTurquoise Turtlehealth: 779power: 114speed: 1149.98
9humanoidHarbinger of Flamehealth: 568power: 117speed: 946.14
8critterRed-Tailed Chipmunkhealth: 537power: 93speed: 874.59
8elementalTopaz Shale Hatchlinghealth: 580power: 82speed: 724.24
7critterRabbithealth: 505power: 67speed: 863.13
7mechanicalBlue Clockwork Rocket 436power: 67speed: 842.89
7magicLofty Libramhealth: 453power: 75speed: 712.89
7beastMaggothealth: 499power: 71speed: 632.89
7beastSpiderhealth: 394power: 71speed: 882.89
6beastCoral Snakehealth: 428power: 66speed: 691.96
6critterSquirrelhealth: 388power: 54speed: 761.81
6flyingForest Mothhealth: 367power: 50speed: 501.51
6aquaticStrand Crabhealth: 370power: 51speed: 481.51
5elementalSinging Sunflowerhealth: 422power: 51speed: 511.23
5critterSkunkhealth: 376power: 55speed: 551.23
5critterPerky Pughealth: 325power: 59speed: 501.14
4humanoidHarpy Younglinghealth: 331power: 44speed: 440.73
4beastDarkshore Cubhealth: 314power: 43speed: 380.67
2flyingJi-Kun Hatchlinghealth: 209power: 22speed: 230.13
2undeadLost of Lordaeronhealth: 205power: 17speed: 140.10
1aquaticSmall Froghealth: 158power: 10speed: 110.00
1beastZandalari Anklerenderhealth: 148power: 12speed: 120.00
1beastAlbino Snakehealth: 147power: 9speed: 120.00
1aquaticFishyhealth: 153power: 10speed: 100.00
1beastObsidian Hatchlinghealth: 157power: 10speed: 100.00
1critterUndercity Cockroachhealth: 163power: 8speed: 100.00
1beastCalico Cathealth: 144power: 11speed: 110.00
1critterDung Beetlehealth: 142power: 9speed: 90.00
1critterFawnhealth: 143power: 8speed: 90.00
1beastSpiny Lizardhealth: 138power: 8speed: 110.00
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