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Battle Pets Army

11humanoidMurkablo (favorite)health: 672power: 127speed: 1279.98
8elementalCore Hound Pup (favorite)health: 589power: 103speed: 684.59
1aquaticFishy (favorite)health: 153power: 10speed: 100.00
25dragonkinDeath Talon Whelpguardhealth: 1400power: 325speed: 26062.10
25elementalDoom Bloomhealth: 1546power: 289speed: 26062.10
25magicMana Wyrmlinghealth: 1465power: 289speed: 27362.10
25magicMini Mindslayerhealth: 1400power: 289speed: 28962.10
25elementalTiny Shale Spiderhealth: 1400power: 289speed: 28962.10
23aquaticZangar Crawlerhealth: 1135power: 304speed: 20747.96
22flyingWaterflyhealth: 1275power: 209speed: 23543.50
22beastClefthoof Runthealth: 1673power: 243speed: 18647.12
20beastCathealth: 1075power: 234speed: 23438.30
19critterNether Roachhealth: 993power: 150speed: 16226.38
17beastSnakehealth: 984power: 188speed: 19926.72
17critterSquirrelhealth: 1028power: 186speed: 19726.72
17critterSkunkhealth: 1008power: 171speed: 17124.66
15beastScorpidhealth: 738power: 128speed: 12815.65
14beastSpiderhealth: 625power: 126speed: 12613.35
14beastWater Snakehealth: 660power: 119speed: 12613.35
13critterBeetlehealth: 894power: 142speed: 13514.78
13beastFestering Maggothealth: 937power: 135speed: 13414.78
12flyingBathealth: 669power: 128speed: 12811.38
10mechanicalClockwork Gnomehealth: 678power: 103speed: 1168.01
10critterRabbithealth: 634power: 89speed: 1137.39
10undeadBlighthawkhealth: 525power: 90speed: 806.16
10flyingBobhealth: 520power: 84speed: 896.16
9critterStone Armadillohealth: 635power: 91speed: 815.66
8beastAdderhealth: 416power: 71speed: 713.53
8flyingSea Gullhealth: 440power: 60speed: 803.53
7elementalTopaz Shale Hatchlinghealth: 520power: 71speed: 632.89
7flyingForest Mothhealth: 447power: 65speed: 622.65
7flyingPollyhealth: 370power: 69speed: 762.65
5magicNetherspawn, Spawn of 389power: 58speed: 521.23
5aquaticToadhealth: 359power: 46speed: 441.04
5flyingChickenhealth: 313power: 43speed: 430.95
5critterMountain Cottontailhealth: 313power: 38speed: 480.95
4elementalAshstone Corehealth: 331power: 42speed: 460.73
4critterPrairie Doghealth: 308power: 39speed: 550.73
4flyingJade Crane Chickhealth: 304power: 43speed: 380.67
4beastCheetah Cubhealth: 232power: 35speed: 530.62
3dragonkinChrominiushealth: 285power: 33speed: 310.42
3undeadFungal Abominationhealth: 274power: 31speed: 350.42
2critterCreepy Crawlyhealth: 223power: 22speed: 210.13
2mechanicalIron Starlettehealth: 216power: 24speed: 190.13
2beastSpiny Lizardhealth: 197power: 21speed: 270.13
1humanoidAnubisath Idolhealth: 165power: 11speed: 100.00
1flyingEverbloom Peachickhealth: 152power: 10speed: 130.00
1undeadFossilized Hatchlinghealth: 155power: 12speed: 100.00
1undeadFrostwolf Ghostpuphealth: 152power: 13speed: 100.00
1mechanicalMenagerie Custodianhealth: 161power: 12speed: 100.00
1elementalMolten Corgihealth: 152power: 10speed: 130.00
1dragonkinPhoenix Hawk Hatchlinghealth: 155power: 11speed: 120.00
1flyingSentinel's Companionhealth: 149power: 12speed: 120.00
1critterStinkerhealth: 152power: 13speed: 100.00
1mechanicalStonegrinderhealth: 152power: 12speed: 120.00
1flyingTeroclaw Hatchlinghealth: 158power: 12speed: 100.00
1undeadVoodoo Figurinehealth: 152power: 12speed: 120.00
1beastBombay Cathealth: 142power: 11speed: 110.00
1flyingBrilliant Sporehealth: 148power: 11speed: 110.00
1flyingCrimson Sporehealth: 160power: 10speed: 100.00
1critterFawnhealth: 153power: 9speed: 110.00
1flyingGold Mini Jousterhealth: 148power: 11speed: 100.00
1flyingIkkyhealth: 145power: 12speed: 100.00
1beastMeadowstomper Calfhealth: 150power: 11speed: 100.00
1critterPerky Pughealth: 145power: 12speed: 100.00
1mechanicalPersonal World Destroyerhealth: 151power: 11speed: 100.00
1flyingTiny Flameflyhealth: 151power: 10speed: 110.00
1critterWinter Reindeerhealth: 151power: 10speed: 100.00
1aquaticSmall Froghealth: 149power: 9speed: 100.00
1critterDung Beetlehealth: 142power: 9speed: 80.00
1undeadLost of Lordaeronhealth: 153power: 9speed: 70.00
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