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Pet Score: 915.14
West: n/a (monk: n/a)
EU: n/a(monk: 36898)
EU English: n/a(monk: 13513)
realm: 1842(monk: 125)

Battle Pets Army

23aquaticSifang Otterhealth: 1356power: 251speed: 26651.96
23beastBucktooth Flapperhealth: 1226power: 213speed: 21343.97
22critterSavory Beetlehealth: 1301power: 243speed: 25547.12
22flyingGilded Mothhealth: 1209power: 248speed: 20943.50
22critterMalayan Quillrathealth: 1116power: 191speed: 22739.88
21critterMalayan Quillrat Puphealth: 1171power: 202speed: 22739.18
21critterMarsh Fiddlerhealth: 1221power: 202speed: 22439.18
21aquaticSifang Otter Puphealth: 1108power: 202speed: 25239.18
21critterMasked Tanuki Puphealth: 1082power: 196speed: 19635.91
21aquaticLeopard Tree Froghealth: 1087power: 166speed: 17632.65
20elementalFel Flamehealth: 1134power: 196speed: 16532.41
18critterShimmershell Snailhealth: 1317power: 220speed: 14030.43
17aquaticHuge Toadhealth: 988power: 150speed: 15022.61
17beastWarpstalker Hatchlinghealth: 823power: 145speed: 14520.55
15beastAsh Lizardhealth: 880power: 166speed: 17520.35
15beastDiemetradon Hatchlinghealth: 929power: 175speed: 15620.35
15critterLong-tailed Molehealth: 968power: 154speed: 17420.35
15flyingParrothealth: 831power: 156speed: 20520.35
15aquaticSpotted Bell Froghealth: 1016power: 154speed: 16420.35
15beastTree Pythonhealth: 919power: 174speed: 16620.35
15critterRabbithealth: 793power: 122speed: 16317.22
14critterStinkbughealth: 873power: 164speed: 14617.36
14flyingSea Gullhealth: 856power: 134speed: 14316.02
14beastStripe-Tailed Scorpidhealth: 772power: 150speed: 15016.02
14elementalLava Crabhealth: 793power: 139speed: 11614.69
14critterFire Beetlehealth: 688power: 119speed: 12513.35
13undeadFossilized Hatchlinghealth: 818power: 159speed: 13414.78
13flyingPterrordax Hatchlinghealth: 649power: 167speed: 15914.78
13beastRattlesnakehealth: 755power: 125speed: 14713.64
13beastTwilight Iguanahealth: 685power: 125speed: 16413.64
13critterGold Beetlehealth: 672power: 122speed: 13612.51
12beastFestering Maggothealth: 813power: 115speed: 11411.38
12undeadInfected Squirrelhealth: 687power: 124speed: 9810.43
12undeadInfected Fawnhealth: 640power: 102speed: 969.48
9beastEmerald Boahealth: 516power: 79speed: 935.19
8aquaticStrand Crabhealth: 604power: 77speed: 724.24
8critterElfin Rabbithealth: 436power: 55speed: 833.53
8aquaticHorny Toadhealth: 460power: 64speed: 683.53
7magicToxic Wastelinghealth: 478power: 76speed: 632.89
7beastDesert Spiderhealth: 394power: 71speed: 882.89
7beastSpiderhealth: 394power: 71speed: 882.89
7elementalAmethyst Shale Hatchlinghealth: 443power: 62speed: 692.65
7aquaticFishyhealth: 474power: 71speed: 712.89
7critterGrasslands Cottontailhealth: 443power: 65speed: 652.65
7magicMana Wyrmlinghealth: 474power: 75speed: 672.89
7mechanicalPet Bomblinghealth: 495power: 63speed: 752.89
7critterPrairie Doghealth: 423power: 61speed: 722.65
7aquaticSmall Froghealth: 447power: 62speed: 652.65
7beastCoral Snakehealth: 394power: 59speed: 622.41
7flyingPollyhealth: 345power: 62speed: 692.41
7critterStone Armadillohealth: 485power: 53speed: 532.41
6flyingForest Mothhealth: 438power: 58speed: 601.81
6critterMountain Skunkhealth: 367power: 50speed: 501.51
6mechanicalRabid Nut Varmint 5000health: 415power: 45speed: 481.51
5elementalDark Phoenix Hatchlinghealth: 405power: 55speed: 511.23
5beastLittle Black Ramhealth: 373power: 58speed: 551.23
5beastMaggothealth: 457power: 52speed: 451.23
5critterSquirrelhealth: 373power: 51speed: 611.23
5beastVenomspitter Hatchlinghealth: 344power: 58speed: 581.23
5aquaticFroghealth: 382power: 47speed: 501.14
5critterMountain Cottontailhealth: 340power: 42speed: 661.14
5mechanicalRobo-Chickhealth: 415power: 45speed: 481.14
5aquaticTurquoise Turtlehealth: 397power: 45speed: 501.14
5beastBlack Kingsnakehealth: 325power: 51speed: 601.14
5humanoidPeddlefeethealth: 340power: 48speed: 601.14
5critterRoachhealth: 359power: 41speed: 491.04
5critterAlpine Chipmunkhealth: 310power: 45speed: 420.95
5critterBlighted Squirrelhealth: 323power: 45speed: 400.95
4critterLittle Fawnhealth: 331power: 38speed: 490.73
4aquaticMojohealth: 344power: 39speed: 460.73
4beastWorg Puphealth: 340power: 38speed: 380.67
4flyingAncona Chickenhealth: 304power: 41speed: 410.67
4critterRathealth: 296power: 33speed: 410.62
4undeadLost of Lordaeronhealth: 280power: 36speed: 300.56
4critterRusty Snailhealth: 308power: 34speed: 280.56
3elementalSinister Squashlinghealth: 264power: 37speed: 310.42
3beastAdderhealth: 235power: 32speed: 340.38
3beastCheetah Cubhealth: 208power: 29speed: 430.38
3beastDarkshore Cubhealth: 260power: 32speed: 290.38
3aquaticShore Crabhealth: 235power: 26speed: 240.32
2critterNutshealth: 204power: 23speed: 230.13
2dragonkinBlue Dragonhawk 208power: 19speed: 200.12
2elementalTiny Snowmanhealth: 202power: 20speed: 200.12
1critterArmadillo Puphealth: 159power: 9speed: 100.00
1beastDun Morogh Cubhealth: 153power: 11speed: 100.00
1critterPerky Pughealth: 145power: 12speed: 100.00
1beastSmolderweb Hatchlinghealth: 147power: 11speed: 100.00
1critterStinkerhealth: 152power: 13speed: 100.00
1critterDung Beetlehealth: 157power: 10speed: 100.00
1critterImperial Silkwormhealth: 160power: 10speed: 100.00
1beastSpiny Lizardhealth: 150power: 11speed: 100.00
1beastWater Snakehealth: 148power: 10speed: 110.00
1flyingBlue Mothhealth: 154power: 10speed: 100.00
1critterBrown Prairie Doghealth: 148power: 9speed: 130.00
1critterBrown Rabbithealth: 151power: 9speed: 110.00
1beastBrown Snakehealth: 151power: 10speed: 100.00
1beastCornish Rex Cathealth: 142power: 13speed: 100.00
1critterCreepy Crawlyhealth: 146power: 10speed: 90.00
1beastCrimson Snakehealth: 150power: 11speed: 100.00
1flyingGreat Horned Owlhealth: 153power: 11speed: 100.00
1flyingJade Crane Chickhealth: 151power: 11speed: 100.00
1beastObsidian Hatchlinghealth: 157power: 10speed: 100.00
1beastOrange Tabby Cathealth: 145power: 11speed: 100.00
1flyingSenegalhealth: 151power: 10speed: 110.00
1aquaticShore Crawlerhealth: 151power: 12speed: 90.00
1beastSiamese Cathealth: 142power: 10speed: 130.00
1beastSilver Tabby Cathealth: 145power: 11speed: 110.00
1critterSnowshoe Rabbithealth: 148power: 8speed: 130.00
1critterUndercity Cockroachhealth: 163power: 8speed: 100.00
1flyingWhite Mothhealth: 157power: 9speed: 110.00
1beastWinterspring Cubhealth: 144power: 11speed: 110.00
1critterGazelle Fawnhealth: 140power: 8speed: 100.00
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