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Alts and Transfers: Malkaf, Vessel, Punchmaster, Awecat
Some of your alts are missing?
Registered to: Deepred - confirmed
Languages: English
Looking for guild: Yes, ready to transfer
Raids per week: 2 - 3
Specs playing: unknown
First a bit about my time raiding in WoW:

I started playing WoW (and have been raiding) since DS with my main (Deepred). In MoP I started to really get into raiding and by the time ToT rolled out, I was taking my first steps to become a serious HC raider. Back then we killed 11/13 with a 2% wipe on Lei-Shen because of a raidwide lagspike. The inability to kill Lei-Shen caused my old guild, "Dragonborn", to first merge and then to disband. This led me to join up with "Dirty Minds" and raid with them in a relaxed, but semi-hardcore to hardcore environment. Due to unforseen circumstances, we took way longer to kill Garrosh on HC than we planned, but we got him down recently to finish up MoP before WoD could be rolled out.

Unfortunately, my raiding days with Dirty Minds are over since there are no plans to continue on in Warlords in the current state. As such I'm looking for a new guild.

What I'm looking for:
1) A 3 day max raiding group. I don't mind the occasional 4 day raiding week, but I'd rather keep it to 3 days max (4 days would cut too much into my personal life). The times that I'm looking for are 18:30 at the earliest till 24:00 at the latest (GMT+2). I'd prefer to raid on any day except friday night or saturday night and definitely won't join a group raiding on both friday and saturday nights.
2) A group that's wants to progress. I'm looking for a guild that aims for mythic raiding and is clearing current content (aiming to clear all bosses). I want to be a part of a group where people know the tactics of the fight before a pull is even made. This includes specialty jobs (such as doing belts on siegecrafter or kiting the iron star on garrosh). Sometimes *** happens in a raid and I prefer when people know what's going on and don't panic at the sight of something new. It goes without saying that I also want a group where people show up prepared and we don't waste 30min waiting for people to reforge or updating addons.
3) Raiders who can respect each other. If I join your team, I'm doing it wholeheartedly. I'll be there every single raid if possible, and if not I'll let the raid-leader know ahead of time. I don't want to join a group if people just show up when they feel like it and then waste 19 other people's time.
4) Raiders who have personality. I find the game to be more enjoyable when raiders are active and have a sense of humor. It's a game, you should be able to enjoy it.
5) A raid group that is ready for WoD, or at the very least actively building towards getting a group ready for WoD.
6) If possible I'm also looking for a guild that is already busy farming heirlooms off garrosh.
7) This is less important, but I would love to be in a guild that has a CM group going. I'm aiming to do CM runs in WoD as soon as they start and I'm geared up for it.

What I bring to the table:

The good -
1) A dedicated raider. I'll be there for every raid, on time. If I can't attend, I'll let the raid leader know in time (if possible).
2) A prepared raider. I don't half-*** raiding. I'll know everything there is to know about a fight before we do a pull countdown (e.g. knowing how to use shadowstep+glider on iron qon, using smokebomb on Frost King Malakk to stop him from applying Frostbite , or knowing which rogue abilities work on which mechanics). I try and learn about any quirks or nuances that a fight might have, to see if any of those might benefit the group.
3) Someone who pushes himself. Back when I started to raid on MSV, I had a hard time getting my rogue to push above 20k dps in the first week. Back then I was inexperienced and didn't know all that much about my class. I asked the raidleader to replace me and take someone better for the time being. I came back the next week and with only a bit of better gear pushed my dps a lot higher, even coming in second on the dps meters. Since then I've tried to keep on doing the best I can with the gear I have. And when my dps isn't looking good, I try and find out why this is and how to improve it (if possible)

The bad -

I am from South Africa. This gives me two unique problems.
1) Times - We don't have daylight savings time, so usually we are insync with server times for about 6 months, and the rest of the year we are 1 hour later (resulting in a raid that ends 1hour later for me than for most people). I know I can handle raiding really late hours, but I'd prefer not to raid past 24:00 since I have to get up early for work in the morning.

The ugly -
2) Latency - This isn't as big a problem as you would think, but it is something that needs mentioning. My latency sits between 200ms and 300ms constantly (being in SA) and if something bad happens (very rarely, it happened 2 times in the course of 6 months) it can jump to 800-2000 easily. I have learned to raid with this latency and doesn't affect me as much, but it does give me a hard time on certain things. (e.g. Sometimes on my screen I'll be standing next to a fire, when in reality I am standing inside it). For the most part it's a non-issue (I was able to soak every melee pool on malkorok for my guild and only missed pools when this issue appeared, about 2% of all pulls), but it does prevent me from going sub spec currently as I would lose a lot of dps because of it (getting behind and staying behind a boss or add reliably with 300ms is not easy at all).

I'm a shy guy in general, but I'm vocal when I need to be and call out tactics when they need to be called out.

TLDR - If you're in a guild that's looking for a decent rogue (and I fit your raiding schedule), then I'm your guy. PM me for more info.
last updated 15 days ago
DPS (Assassination)calc
DPS (Combat)calc *
Item Level: 585.19
West: 20891 (rogue: 1640)
EU: 13460(rogue: 1029)
EU English: 5547(rogue: 424)
realm: 47(rogue: 6)
SimDPS: 473260.7
West: 3783 (rogue: 823)
EU: 2451(rogue: 533)
EU English: 995(rogue: 227)
realm: 9(rogue: 5)
Challenge Score: 855.88
West: n/a (rogue: 6910)
EU: n/a(rogue: 4372)
EU English: 46165(rogue: 1960)
realm: 453(rogue: 18)
Ach. Points: 16570
West: n/a (rogue: 4537)
EU: 48968(rogue: 3120)
EU English: 16271(rogue: 1038)
realm: 123(rogue: 4)
Pet Score: 4266.09
West: n/a (rogue: 22863)
EU: n/a(rogue: 12529)
EU English: n/a(rogue: 4196)
realm: 511(rogue: 35)

PvE Score: 5000.00

Siege of Orgrimmar BossesFirst Seen KillScore
Heroic Immerseus (10)8 months ago
Heroic Fallen Protectors (10)8 months ago
Heroic Norushen (10)8 months ago
Heroic Sha of Pride (10)7 months ago
Heroic Galakras (10)7 months ago
Heroic Iron Juggernaut (10)7 months ago
Heroic Kor'kron Dark Shaman (10)6 months ago
Heroic General Nazgrim (10)7 months ago
Heroic Malkorok (10)6 months ago
Heroic Spoils of Pandaria (25)6 months ago
Heroic Thok the Bloodthirsty (25)5 months ago
Heroic Siegecrafter Blackfuse (25)4 months ago
Heroic Paragons of the Klaxxi (10)1 month ago
Heroic Garrosh Hellscream (10)1 month ago5000.00
Challenge Mode DungeonsGold TimeBest Run TimeWorldEURealmScore
Gate of the Setting Sun13m 0s----------
Mogu'shan Palace12m 0s11m 20s30632107105.90
Scarlet Halls13m 0s10m 15s293231877065126.90
Scarlet Monastery13m 0s11m 51s430182637380109.75
Scholomance19m 0s17m 3s33131104111.40
Shado-Pan Monastery21m 0s16m 9s228111520357130.05
Siege of Niuzao Temple17m 30s16m 14s3117094107.80
Stormstout Brewery12m 0s21m 35s20755.60
Temple of the Jade Serpent15m 0s13m 50s3097092108.49


616 (4/4)Fen-Yu, Fury of Xuen   
582 (4/4)Pandaren Roofsprinters   
Weapon / Offhand
582 (4/4)Seismic Bore   
582 (4/4)Seismic Bore   
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