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Alts and Transfers: Unimpeded (Sargeras), Neheka (Sargeras), Neeheck (Sargeras)
Some of your alts are missing?
Registered to: Nehek - confirmed
Languages: English
Looking for guild: Yes, ready to transfer
hardcore, semi-hardcore
Raids per week: 3 - 5
Specs playing: unknown
Inc wall of text, keep reading if you are interested in an undergeared but driven and experienced in raiding in general player.

Starting off with why i am leaving my current guild, For this tier my current guild was restarted back up by my old GM which was the GM of this exact guild before it went on hiatus back in the later half of Siege of orgrimmar. The guild has a decent amount of older players that i've raided with for years, talking 6+ years some starting back in vanilla wow. So i stayed with them from a sense of loyalty and hoping things got better for the guild as the months passed but they hadn't and with that my drive for pushing content was quite apparent to myself from not having killed any mythic bosses or not even being able to field a 20 man roster to even attempt mythic. So there is a high possibility that the guild may cease operations as far as raiding goe's but i didn't expect it til i told my old GM that i was going to be leaving and he informed me that it's looking that way as another in the guild had told him they would be leaving as well. So i am mainly leaving and looking for another guild because i still want to push new content, even if my current guild had picked itself back up and started mythic, i don't think alot in the guild would of been willing to push content as much as i am wanting to. Things like adding a day or two on new content or even doing a split raid with an alt in prep for mythic, stuff like that is why i am leaving and looking for a guild.

With that onto the type of guild and what type of progression i am currently shooting for in a guild that show's interest in me. I am ambitious about the progression level i am hoping to be able to jump into at my gear level and my mythic experience which is none currently haha. But hopefully a guild that is about 6 to 8 bosses deep or even more and are in need of a hunter currently, as well as a guild that has realistic but achieveable goals, example being the best however many day guild in the us(3 day or 4 day raid guild,etc) which i think is a decent enough goal or goals to shoot for and not something like world first on a 3 or 4 day schedule heh, i don't know if i am that ambitious yet haha. In return for a decently progressed guild giving me a chance, they'll get a raider that's over prepared and willing to do just about whatever it takes to get a kill when it comes to mythic, i don't mind sitting out for a better class for a better comp for the raid or if my alt is better on a specific fight but a melee friendly fight is rare anyway hah. My playstyle is more defensive minded when i am raiding new content, and i'd like the guild to be that way as well. I'd rather the raid reach an enrage on a boss with everyone alive then having a raid die early due to not being able to handle mechanics correctly and focusing on dps/healing,etc too much, I'm sure you get the point. In general i'd rather make sure a boss dies at the cost of my own dps or anyones for that matter, i'm not a padder in other words. It's cool if my numbers rank while i'm doing a fight correctly but other then that i just want a boss to die.

My raiding history starting from vanilla so whoever reads this know's i do have experience in raiding =).

vanilla - Cleared MC/BWL/AQ and never cleared naxx 40, had maybe 3 or 4 bosses left before people stopped showing up from what i remember anyway.

TBC - switched mains to a rogue and cleared all smaller raid zones, like kara/ZA, did all 25 raid size zones in that expac like BT/mount hyjal/sunwell plateau,etc. manage to kill muru in SWP before he was nerfed to.

WOTLK - Cleared naxx 25/Ulduar got alone in the darkness/ToTC got 50 attempts remaining/ICC managed put in a handful of attempts into LK heroic but people kept messing up and it was mainly the same people, and i was starting to feel burned out so i decided to take a break from the game at that point, about a 6 month break i'd say so didn't do ruby sanctum.

Cataclysm - came back near the start as a hunter that i am still playing today, cleared Blackwing descent, cleared up to synestra in BOT but the firelands patch was going to be coming out soonish so never got a chance to kill synestra when she was current, same with ToTFW never got a chance to clear it on heroic while it was current. Firelands cleared up to heroic rag but couldn't kill him as people stopped showing up or quit the game heh. Dragonsoul managed to clear it with 10% buff i believe it was.

MOP - MSV cleared on heroic, But didn't have enough time before TOT patch was set to come out to clear heart of fear and terrace of endless spring. Cleared all of ToT, Cleared siege of orgrimmar before the massive nerf near the end of it's life span, god that was such a long tier!

WOD - In HM cleared up to Koragh then guild i was with at the time stopped raiding then got a koragh kill with another guild i briefly trialed with then my old GM restarted my old guild back up so i decided to return to it and try to help out, this is the same guild i am currently in. As far as experience in BRF is concerned i've cleared heroic, and only a handful of attempts on beastlord since we've always had trouble with fielding a 20 person raid since mythic was opened up =(.

Most of all my raiding has been done with the same guild basically over the years, but the guild has gotten a bit more casual over the years to the usual things, work/family/school,etc. so i can't complain and i don't blame my old guild, it's just from when i left near the end of SoO when they stopped raiding to take a break i joined a 10 man guild that had a us 45th ranking or around there anyway for finishing Siege of orgrimmar which i didn't help them finish but i joined shortly after they did and were looking for a hunter and i was wanting to push myself more then what i've normally been use to, my old guild was always a 300 to 500 range guild so it was a step up to going to a top 100 guild, that particular guild is no more now but my drive to keep improving when i decided to join them is still there so here i am looking for a guild. In my raiding history i've been in only 3 guilds where i've done most of my raiding and i've left them because they stopped raiding, this time i've leaving while they technically are still raiding but looks like they may go the same route and cease raiding.

I like to think i'm not a guild hopper, so the chance of whatever guild showing interest in me will be getting a loyal player willing to put in the time and effort with the help of the guild obviously to gear up and become of use to said guild, in the current tier to 6.2 and beyond hopefully.

I guess as far as the raid atmosphere i'd like is a calm but focus and driven raid with a structured approach from the RL and whoever else helps with raid planning. I don't care for berating people or being berated if mess ups happen, being blunt is fine as long as it's contructive. I like to pride myself on being a raider that you feel you can't sit for fights because i'm a good raider but at the same time i want a guild that has many members that are just as good that if i were to sit then someone just as good as me can take my spot for said fight =).

As far as myself is concerned, i don't like causing drama so i don't look for it in return. Looking for a mature guild but focused and driven. and they'll get a player that is the same in return =).

This first link is just a link to some of the ranks i've gotten over the course of 3 or 4 months since i've been in the current guild. I'm probably ok at padding to look good lol but i can't do too much at the expense of lacking single target damage in raids, i'm always progression minded so i have to make sure a single target add has to die over aoeing/cleaving hah. and parsing as a BM hunter has been pretty dependant on your set bonus proccing alot =(. sometimes i've gotten lucky on fights and other times i haven't been so lucky.

This other link is just a general overview of raids over the course of 3 or 4 months, and the last recorded days are from when the guild last tried mythic beastlord. my numbers aren't impressive in general but i decided to play MM for the sake of single target damage and 35% kill shot for quicker add deaths. and we were lacking single target damage at the last phase of the fight from a dps stand point, i'm sure we were lacking in other areas but i didn't pay attention to those. If a guild that has been farming beastlord for a bit contacts me, i'd probably just play BM since it tends to have the best of aoe/cleaving while having really good single target dps. going MM was just a rare case of going with a spec that seemed like a better choice for what was lacking at the time which wasn't aoe hah.

As far as i go as a person, I probably have alot in common with alot that play this game in that i am a fairly quite dude in and out of game but i still like to joke around, but its more dry/deadpan sense of humor so sometimes people don't get it haha. i'm 30 and currently i don't work or go to school but i am in a comfortable place as far as my finance is concerned so that helps with my being able to commit the time to raid as much as i've said i am willing to do. As i've said in another part of this LFG BIO, i don't like causing any some sort of drama so i try to get along with everyone in the guilds that i join.

So if you've read this much, you might notice that most of the things i've covered here you'd normally see being asked about in guild apps. So i don't mind if a guild contacts me and wants me to fill one out just for the sake of making one but just know that it'll have pretty much the same information maybe even verbatim from here.

oh i guess another i haven't covered but gets asked from time to time is my internet connection and what type of PC, My net is pretty stable year around from what i've noticed, 25 Down/5 Up. and my pc has a i7 4790, video card is a nvidia gtx 780 which i'm thinking of upgrading to maybe a 970 at some point soon. ram is at 16 gb. so my pc is fairly good for raiding 20 mans even without upgrading my vid card.

I guess another question i've seen is about how your UI looks, this link is from back in SoO LFR i think hah. The UI still looks the same as it did back then although there maybe a few more weak auras now depending on fights.

And yes i can keep a 95% attendance rate even up to near 100% since i don't like to miss raids but sometimes life can creep up on you.

The raid times - est times can range from 6 to 2 am basically as i am on est time as well. But for pst times i can probably do 6 pm to 11 pm possibly as that would be 2 am my time at that point unless the guild is close to a kill or something then i can push on longer for either raid ending times but not sure if i'd be down to stay up those hours everytime.

Raid days i can do - as i have set my raids per week as 3 to 5 raid day range, but for the first 2 or 3 weeks i can go fairly hard and do just about every day during those few weeks barring real life things getting in the way. Actual days of the week i can or want to do monday through friday are alright for me, possibly would consider sunday to thursday as well depending on the guild.

If you've read all this, thanks for that. And hopefully i'll be an interest to a guild out there that fits my criteria but we'll see.

You can contact me by following me on here and i'll follow in return to start communication and see if i'm a fit and in return if the guild is what i'm looking for.

I probably have missed some things that i could of covered but if you want to know, just ask.
last updated 2 days ago
DPS (Marksmanship)calc
DPS (Beast Mastery)calc *
Item Level: 692.80
West: n/a (hunter: 8273)
US: 26761(hunter: 3156)
realm: 85(hunter: 10)
SimDPS: 46380.2
West: 10351 (hunter: 3443)
US: 3285(hunter: 1133)
realm: 11(hunter: 4)
Ach. Points: 10760
West: n/a (hunter: n/a)
US: n/a(hunter: n/a)
realm: 1824(hunter: 246)
Pet Score: 1039.72
West: n/a (hunter: n/a)
US: n/a(hunter: n/a)
realm: 1841(hunter: 317)

PvE Score: 4151.17

Highmaul BossesFirst Seen KillScore
Kargath Bladefist Mythic3 months ago (7)710.28
The Butcher Mythic3 months ago (2)618.06
Brackenspore Mythic3 months ago (3)632.82
Tectus Mythic3 months ago (3)633.72
Twin Ogron Mythic3 months ago (6)690.89
Ko'ragh Mythic3 months ago613.89
Imperator Mar'gok Heroic3 months ago (7)
Blackrock Foundry BossesFirst Seen KillScore
Oregorger Heroic3 months ago
Gruul Heroic3 months ago
The Blast Furnace Heroic2 months ago
Hans'gar and Franzok Heroic3 months ago
Flamebender Ka'graz Heroic3 months ago (2)
Kromog Heroic3 months ago
Beastlord Darmac Heroic3 months ago
Operator Thogar Heroic3 months ago
The Iron Maidens Heroic3 months ago
Blackhand Heroic2 months ago251.51
Challenge Mode DungeonsGold TimeBest Run TimeWorldUSRealmScore
Auchindoun125m 0s----------
Bloodmaul Slag Mines22m 0s----------
Grimrail Depot125m 0s----------
Iron Docks125m 0s----------
Shadowmoon Burial Grounds125m 0s----------
Skyreach125m 0s----------
The Everbloom125m 0s----------
Upper Blackrock Spire125m 0s----------


Weapon / Offhand
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