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Pet Score: 1280.38
West: n/a (hunter: n/a)
US: n/a(hunter: n/a)
realm: 350(hunter: 59)

Battle Pets Army

23humanoidKun-Lai Runthealth: 1112power: 266speed: 19043.97
21dragonkinWild Crimson Hatchling (favorite)health: 888power: 179speed: 21032.65
20undeadRestless Shadeling (favorite)health: 1465power: 208speed: 19538.30
17dragonkinInfinite Whelpling (favorite)health: 984power: 232speed: 16626.72
16magicArcane Eye (favorite)health: 984power: 185speed: 17523.47
13dragonkinDerpy (favorite)health: 755power: 147speed: 12313.64
7undeadLil' K.T. (favorite)health: 528power: 86speed: 643.13
7magicLofty Libram (favorite)health: 394power: 62speed: 592.41
2magicLegs (favorite)health: 202power: 20speed: 200.12
1dragonkinCelestial Dragon (favorite)health: 162power: 12speed: 100.00
1dragonkinLil' Tarecgosa (favorite)health: 161power: 11speed: 100.00
22critterDeath's Head Cockroachhealth: 1237power: 179speed: 21539.88
22dragonkinWild Golden Hatchlinghealth: 1068power: 227speed: 20339.88
21elementalFel Flamehealth: 1533power: 218speed: 20542.45
21beastAlpine Foxlinghealth: 1108power: 202speed: 25239.18
21critterFire Beetlehealth: 1297power: 214speed: 20239.18
21aquaticMirror Striderhealth: 1070power: 182speed: 21735.91
21undeadScourged Whelplinghealth: 1082power: 217speed: 18235.91
21critterElfin Rabbithealth: 982power: 145speed: 21832.65
21aquaticLeopard Tree Froghealth: 1087power: 166speed: 17632.65
21critterMarsh Fiddlerhealth: 982power: 176speed: 18732.65
19critterTainted Cockroachhealth: 1261power: 173speed: 23234.29
19beastRock Viperhealth: 1012power: 194speed: 20531.66
19beastAsh Viperhealth: 936power: 178speed: 18829.02
19beastCathealth: 873power: 186speed: 19629.02
19critterNether Roachhealth: 988power: 146speed: 21929.02
19flyingFledgling Nether Rayhealth: 803power: 188speed: 16026.38
18humanoidFlayer Younglinghealth: 1036power: 187speed: 23430.43
18beastSnakehealth: 1036power: 199speed: 21130.43
18critterBrown Marmothealth: 964power: 173speed: 21628.09
18beastScalded Basilisk 932power: 158speed: 18625.75
18beastClefthoof Runthealth: 955power: 162speed: 12623.41
18beastWarpstalker Hatchlinghealth: 865power: 153speed: 15323.41
17mechanicalCogblade Raptorhealth: 984power: 188speed: 19926.72
17humanoidSporeling Sprouthealth: 984power: 177speed: 22126.72
17critterAlpine Chipmunkhealth: 1008power: 182speed: 16324.66
17beastCrystal Spiderhealth: 865power: 184speed: 18424.66
17beastSkittering Cavern 780power: 136speed: 17020.55
17beastStripe-Tailed Scorpidhealth: 780power: 151speed: 15120.55
16beastScorpidhealth: 916power: 163speed: 16321.66
16flyingSnowy Owlhealth: 858power: 152speed: 19021.66
15critterTainted Rathealth: 834power: 139speed: 14017.22
15flyingParrothealth: 693power: 134speed: 13415.65
15flyingSilky Mothhealth: 693power: 119speed: 14915.65
14beastMoccasinhealth: 716power: 139speed: 13114.69
14flyingTainted Mothhealth: 695power: 125speed: 11813.35
13flyingSea Gullhealth: 794power: 131speed: 13113.64
13flyingBathealth: 636power: 127speed: 13412.51
13undeadInfected Fawnhealth: 736power: 127speed: 11312.51
13undeadInfected Squirrelhealth: 711power: 122speed: 9111.37
13beastSand Kittenhealth: 555power: 117speed: 13011.37
12flyingNether Faerie Dragonhealth: 640power: 122speed: 14411.38
12beastFestering Maggothealth: 753power: 106speed: 10410.43
9aquaticStrand Crabhealth: 573power: 72speed: 684.72
8elementalPhoenix Hatchlinghealth: 490power: 88speed: 1044.59
7elementalDark Phoenix Hatchlinghealth: 528power: 77speed: 723.13
7flyingPollyhealth: 394power: 67speed: 922.89
7critterStone Armadillohealth: 516power: 63speed: 712.89
6critterMountain Skunkhealth: 394power: 55speed: 551.66
6elementalTiny Bog Beasthealth: 394power: 59speed: 531.66
5critterRabbithealth: 352power: 44speed: 591.14
5critterTwilight Beetlehealth: 325power: 54speed: 541.14
5beastWinterspring Cubhealth: 322power: 53speed: 561.14
5critterSkunkhealth: 345power: 46speed: 461.04
5beastTwilight Spiderhealth: 275power: 53speed: 430.95
5critterRathealth: 310power: 40speed: 470.95
5beastLittle Black Ramhealth: 313power: 43speed: 430.95
5aquaticShore Crabhealth: 363power: 40speed: 380.95
4flyingForest Mothhealth: 314power: 40speed: 400.67
4critterShimmershell Snailhealth: 350power: 45speed: 290.67
4critterSquirrelhealth: 302power: 40speed: 430.67
4aquaticTurquoise Turtlehealth: 338power: 36speed: 400.67
4humanoidHarpy Younglinghealth: 296power: 37speed: 370.62
4critterMountain Cottontailhealth: 260power: 28speed: 440.56
4mechanicalRabid Nut Varmint 5000health: 270power: 34speed: 360.56
3beastDarkshore Cubhealth: 274power: 35speed: 310.42
3magicEnchanted Lanternhealth: 253power: 31speed: 310.38
3critterPrairie Doghealth: 264power: 31speed: 370.42
3beastFeline Familiarhealth: 224power: 36speed: 320.38
3beastCheetah Cubhealth: 199power: 26speed: 400.35
3beastAdderhealth: 219power: 27speed: 270.32
3aquaticSmall Froghealth: 234power: 24speed: 270.32
3beastSpiderhealth: 205power: 26speed: 320.32
3mechanicalTiny Harvesterhealth: 234power: 24speed: 270.32
2flyingBobhealth: 207power: 19speed: 210.12
2mechanicalMechanical Squirrelhealth: 207power: 19speed: 210.12
2beastSnow Cubhealth: 180power: 18speed: 180.10
1mechanicalBlue Clockwork Rocket 151power: 10speed: 100.00
1flyingBrilliant Kalirihealth: 149power: 12speed: 120.00
1mechanicalClockwork Rocket Bothealth: 154power: 10speed: 100.00
1mechanicalDe-Weaponized 151power: 9speed: 120.00
1humanoidHoplinghealth: 152power: 10speed: 130.00
1critterLittle Fawnhealth: 158power: 10speed: 120.00
1flyingNether Ray Fryhealth: 152power: 12speed: 110.00
1critterNutshealth: 152power: 12speed: 120.00
1elementalSinister Squashlinghealth: 155power: 12speed: 100.00
1elementalSpirit of Summerhealth: 151power: 10speed: 100.00
1critterSpring Rabbithealth: 148power: 8speed: 130.00
1critterStinkerhealth: 152power: 13speed: 100.00
1critterWolpertingerhealth: 153power: 11speed: 100.00
1beastWorg Puphealth: 160power: 10speed: 100.00
1critterAlpine Harehealth: 153power: 8speed: 120.00
1critterBlack Lambhealth: 150power: 10speed: 110.00
1critterFawnhealth: 153power: 9speed: 110.00
1critterRed-Tailed Chipmunkhealth: 150power: 11speed: 100.00
1beastWater Snakehealth: 148power: 10speed: 110.00
1beastAlbino Snakehealth: 147power: 9speed: 120.00
1beastBlack Kingsnakehealth: 145power: 10speed: 120.00
1beastBombay Cathealth: 142power: 11speed: 110.00
1dragonkinBlue Dragonhawk 154power: 10speed: 100.00
1flyingBlue Mothhealth: 154power: 10speed: 100.00
1undeadLost of Lordaeronhealth: 158power: 9speed: 80.00
1critterBrown Rabbithealth: 148power: 8speed: 130.00
1beastBrown Snakehealth: 151power: 10speed: 100.00
1aquaticFishyhealth: 153power: 10speed: 100.00
1flyingCockatielhealth: 148power: 9speed: 130.00
1beastCornish Rex Cathealth: 142power: 13speed: 100.00
1beastCrimson Snakehealth: 150power: 11speed: 100.00
1humanoidFather Winter's Helperhealth: 151power: 10speed: 100.00
1elementalTiny Snowmanhealth: 151power: 10speed: 100.00
1critterMousehealth: 147power: 9speed: 100.00
1dragonkinGolden Dragonhawk 151power: 11speed: 100.00
1flyingGreat Horned Owlhealth: 160power: 10speed: 100.00
1critterHarehealth: 149power: 8speed: 100.00
1flyingJade Crane Chickhealth: 151power: 11speed: 100.00
1beastLeaping Hatchlinghealth: 144power: 11speed: 110.00
1magicMana Wyrmlinghealth: 153power: 11speed: 100.00
1beastSiamese Cathealth: 142power: 10speed: 130.00
1beastOrange Tabby Cathealth: 145power: 11speed: 100.00
1mechanicalPet Bomblinghealth: 156power: 9speed: 110.00
1dragonkinRed Dragonhawk Hatchlinghealth: 148power: 11speed: 100.00
1flyingRed Mothhealth: 150power: 11speed: 100.00
1mechanicalRobo-Chickhealth: 152power: 8speed: 100.00
1flyingSenegalhealth: 154power: 10speed: 100.00
1dragonkinSilver Dragonhawk 148power: 10speed: 110.00
1beastSilver Tabby Cathealth: 145power: 11speed: 110.00
1beastCobra Hatchlinghealth: 145power: 11speed: 110.00
1critterSnowshoe Rabbithealth: 148power: 8speed: 130.00
1beastCalico Cathealth: 144power: 11speed: 110.00
1critterUndercity Cockroachhealth: 156power: 8speed: 110.00
1flyingWhite Tickbird Hatchlinghealth: 145power: 10speed: 120.00
1critterWinter Reindeerhealth: 151power: 10speed: 100.00
1humanoidWinter's Little Helperhealth: 151power: 10speed: 100.00
1elementalWithershealth: 153power: 10speed: 110.00
1flyingCrested Owlhealth: 140power: 9speed: 90.00
1critterDung Beetlehealth: 142power: 9speed: 80.00
1mechanicalFluxfire Felinehealth: 135power: 10speed: 90.00
1critterGazelle Fawnhealth: 140power: 8speed: 100.00
1beastSpiny Lizardhealth: 138power: 8speed: 110.00
1aquaticToadhealth: 145power: 8speed: 90.00
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