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Pet Score: 3145.32
West: n/a (hunter: n/a)
US: n/a(hunter: 28230)
realm: 861(hunter: 154)

Battle Pets Army

17elementalPhoenix Hatchling (favorite)health: 929power: 188speed: 22126.72
17dragonkinDark Whelpling (favorite)health: 1039power: 219speed: 16426.72
16flyingJade Crane Chick (favorite)health: 916power: 173speed: 15421.66
11flyingNether Faerie Dragon (favorite)health: 636power: 150speed: 1149.98
10beastDarkmoon Cub (favorite)health: 555power: 122speed: 1228.01
10dragonkinBlue Dragonhawk Hatchl.. (favorite)health: 610power: 101speed: 1077.39
9elementalDark Phoenix Hatchling (favorite)health: 650power: 99speed: 926.14
9beastEmerald Boa (favorite)health: 591power: 104speed: 996.14
9beastGiraffe Calf (favorite)health: 586power: 81speed: 975.66
9beastFeline Familiar (favorite)health: 473power: 107speed: 965.66
9dragonkinLil' Tarecgosa (favorite)health: 650power: 98speed: 946.14
8elementalAmethyst Shale Hatchling (favorite)health: 563power: 87speed: 874.59
8beastWind Rider Cub (favorite)health: 542power: 88speed: 884.59
8beastCheetah Cub (favorite)health: 388power: 77speed: 1154.24
7aquaticSpeedy (favorite)health: 436power: 67speed: 842.89
6elementalCinder Kitten (favorite)health: 412power: 70speed: 701.96
6elementalCore Hound Pup (favorite)health: 467power: 77speed: 511.96
6beastDarkshore Cub (favorite)health: 412power: 78speed: 621.96
5critterLucky Quilen Cub (favorite)health: 360power: 58speed: 581.23
5flyingNether Ray Fry (favorite)health: 344power: 55speed: 651.23
5elementalRuby Sapling (favorite)health: 373power: 55speed: 581.23
5critterSkunk (favorite)health: 389power: 55speed: 551.23
5flyingCrested Owl (favorite)health: 352power: 53speed: 501.14
5beastCalico Cat (favorite)health: 322power: 56speed: 531.14
5dragonkinGolden Dragonhawk Hatc.. (favorite)health: 340power: 51speed: 571.14
5flyingGreen Wing Macaw (favorite)health: 382power: 50speed: 471.14
5magicMana Wyrmling (favorite)health: 367power: 50speed: 501.14
4elementalSinister Squashling (favorite)health: 318power: 49speed: 410.73
4critterWolpertinger (favorite)health: 314power: 43speed: 380.67
4flyingForest Moth (favorite)health: 326power: 38speed: 400.67
4aquaticFishy (favorite)health: 314power: 40speed: 400.67
4critterRusty Snail (favorite)health: 320power: 40speed: 290.62
3humanoidCurious Oracle Hatchling (favorite)health: 253power: 31speed: 310.38
3beastPanther Cub (favorite)health: 244power: 35speed: 370.42
1beastCat (favorite)health: 149power: 12speed: 120.00
1critterLittle Fawn (favorite)health: 158power: 10speed: 120.00
1mechanicalPersonal World Destroyer (favorite)health: 151power: 11speed: 100.00
1critterRabbit (favorite)health: 158power: 9speed: 130.00
1critterSquirrel (favorite)health: 152power: 10speed: 140.00
1critterStinker (favorite)health: 152power: 13speed: 100.00
1aquaticToad (favorite)health: 161power: 10speed: 110.00
1beastWater Snake (favorite)health: 152power: 11speed: 120.00
1beastWorg Pup (favorite)health: 160power: 10speed: 100.00
1beastCobra Hatchling (favorite)health: 145power: 11speed: 110.00
1beastCrimson Snake (favorite)health: 150power: 11speed: 100.00
1flyingMiniwing (favorite)health: 150power: 8speed: 120.00
1dragonkinRed Dragonhawk Hatchling (favorite)health: 145power: 10speed: 120.00
1flyingRed Moth (favorite)health: 150power: 11speed: 100.00
1flyingSenegal (favorite)health: 151power: 10speed: 110.00
1beastSiamese Cat (favorite)health: 142power: 10speed: 130.00
1dragonkinSilver Dragonhawk Hatc.. (favorite)health: 145power: 9speed: 130.00
1beastSilver Tabby Cat (favorite)health: 145power: 11speed: 110.00
1flyingTiny Flamefly (favorite)health: 151power: 10speed: 110.00
1flyingWestfall Chicken (favorite)health: 150power: 10speed: 110.00
1beastWhite Kitten (favorite)health: 150power: 9speed: 110.00
1flyingWhite Tickbird Hatchling (favorite)health: 147power: 9speed: 120.00
1beastWinterspring Cub (favorite)health: 144power: 11speed: 110.00
2beastSnow Cubhealth: 210power: 22speed: 220.13
17beastStripe-Tailed Scorpidhealth: 895power: 159speed: 15922.61
14beastAsh Spiderlinghealth: 819power: 155speed: 17117.36
14critterFire Beetlehealth: 864power: 155speed: 16217.36
14aquaticHuge Toadhealth: 932power: 133speed: 13316.02
13dragonkinInfinite Whelplinghealth: 810power: 159speed: 13414.78
13elementalLava Crabhealth: 987power: 144speed: 11814.78
13dragonkinDerpyhealth: 724power: 147speed: 13113.64
12flyingBathealth: 640power: 115speed: 15111.38
12undeadInfected Fawnhealth: 748power: 122speed: 11511.38
12undeadInfected Squirrelhealth: 741power: 135speed: 10711.38
11critterBrown Marmothealth: 614power: 103speed: 1038.45
10critterBlack Rathealth: 652power: 104speed: 1178.01
10undeadBlighthawkhealth: 700power: 102speed: 907.39
10flyingCrimson Mothhealth: 634power: 102speed: 1017.39
10beastLizard Hatchlinghealth: 580power: 102speed: 1087.39
10beastTree Pythonhealth: 580power: 102speed: 1087.39
8beastRock Viperhealth: 490power: 83speed: 1094.59
8flyingBobhealth: 527power: 72speed: 904.24
8elementalTopaz Shale Hatchlinghealth: 474power: 79speed: 703.88
7beastDesert Spiderhealth: 441power: 82speed: 823.13
7critterGrasslands Cottontailhealth: 453power: 71speed: 752.89
7aquaticHorny Toadhealth: 495power: 66speed: 712.89
7critterStone Armadillohealth: 524power: 58speed: 582.65
6critterMousehealth: 431power: 62speed: 701.96
6beastWidow Spiderlinghealth: 408power: 66speed: 731.96
6beastDusk Spiderlinghealth: 366power: 64speed: 681.81
6elementalTiny Bog Beasthealth: 420power: 58speed: 641.81
6beastVenomspitter Hatchlinghealth: 424power: 61speed: 611.81
6critterAlpine Chipmunkhealth: 377power: 55speed: 591.66
6beastRat Snakehealth: 348power: 59speed: 621.66
5flyingFledgling Buzzardhealth: 392power: 55speed: 521.23
5mechanicalRabid Nut Varmint 5000health: 389power: 55speed: 551.23
5critterRoachhealth: 376power: 45speed: 681.23
5beastCoral Snakehealth: 352power: 50speed: 531.14
5beastLittle Black Ramhealth: 355power: 51speed: 511.14
5beastMaggothealth: 385power: 51speed: 451.14
5critterMountain Skunkhealth: 367power: 53speed: 481.14
5critterRathealth: 340power: 45speed: 631.14
5critterRedridge Rathealth: 340power: 45speed: 631.14
5critterShimmershell Snailhealth: 400power: 54speed: 391.14
5aquaticStrand Crabhealth: 415power: 48speed: 451.14
5critterBeetlehealth: 359power: 46speed: 441.04
5aquaticFroghealth: 359power: 43speed: 461.04
5beastLarvahealth: 361power: 47speed: 411.04
5beastSpiderhealth: 293power: 47speed: 581.04
4critterMountain Cottontailhealth: 321power: 39speed: 490.73
4beastRavager Hatchlinghealth: 282power: 55speed: 440.73
4mechanicalTiny Harvesterhealth: 314power: 38speed: 430.67
4critterBlighted Squirrelhealth: 296power: 39speed: 350.62
4flyingCockatielhealth: 292power: 36speed: 500.67
3flyingChickenhealth: 256power: 31speed: 390.42
3critterPrairie Doghealth: 266power: 31speed: 350.42
3aquaticSmall Froghealth: 275power: 31speed: 330.42
3beastSnakehealth: 246power: 31speed: 410.42
3beastAdderhealth: 244power: 31speed: 320.38
3undeadSpirit Crabhealth: 278power: 32speed: 250.38
2critterArmadillo Puphealth: 232power: 18speed: 180.12
2flyingGrey Mothhealth: 210power: 22speed: 220.13
2critterBlack Lambhealth: 198power: 18speed: 200.11
2critterElfin Rabbithealth: 192power: 15speed: 230.11
2critterLong-tailed Molehealth: 194power: 18speed: 200.11
1critterAlpine Harehealth: 158power: 9speed: 130.00
1mechanicalBlue Clockwork Rocket 151power: 10speed: 100.00
1flyingBrilliant Kalirihealth: 149power: 12speed: 120.00
1dragonkinCelestial Dragonhealth: 162power: 12speed: 100.00
1mechanicalClockwork Gnomehealth: 158power: 10speed: 120.00
1elementalCrimson Lasherhealth: 152power: 12speed: 110.00
1critterEgberthealth: 151power: 10speed: 100.00
1critterFawnhealth: 158power: 10speed: 120.00
1undeadFossilized Hatchlinghealth: 155power: 12speed: 100.00
1critterGazelle Fawnhealth: 152power: 10speed: 120.00
1undeadGhostly Skullhealth: 156power: 11speed: 90.00
1flyingImperial Mothhealth: 157power: 9speed: 110.00
1critterNutshealth: 152power: 12speed: 120.00
1critterPerky Pughealth: 145power: 12speed: 100.00
1flyingPterrordax Hatchlinghealth: 142power: 13speed: 120.00
1flyingRustberg Gullhealth: 153power: 9speed: 110.00
1elementalSapphire Cubhealth: 136power: 10speed: 140.00
1beastSmolderweb Hatchlinghealth: 147power: 11speed: 100.00
1elementalSpirit of Summerhealth: 151power: 10speed: 100.00
1critterSpring Rabbithealth: 148power: 8speed: 130.00
1critterStormwind Rathealth: 155power: 10speed: 120.00
1aquaticStrand Crawlerhealth: 168power: 10speed: 100.00
1elementalTerrible Turniphealth: 155power: 12speed: 110.00
1aquaticTiny Goldfishhealth: 150power: 10speed: 110.00
1flyingTiny Sporebathealth: 162power: 10speed: 100.00
1undeadVoodoo Figurinehealth: 152power: 12speed: 120.00
1critterCreepy Crawlyhealth: 157power: 10speed: 100.00
1critterDung Beetlehealth: 150power: 10speed: 110.00
1critterHarehealth: 151power: 9speed: 110.00
1critterImperial Silkwormhealth: 160power: 10speed: 100.00
1undeadLost of Lordaeronhealth: 163power: 10speed: 80.00
1beastSpiny Lizardhealth: 150power: 11speed: 100.00
1beastAlbino Snakehealth: 147power: 9speed: 120.00
1flyingBlue Mini Jousterhealth: 156power: 9speed: 100.00
1flyingBlue Mothhealth: 156power: 9speed: 100.00
1critterBrown Prairie Doghealth: 151power: 10speed: 110.00
1critterBrown Rabbithealth: 151power: 9speed: 110.00
1beastBrown Snakehealth: 151power: 10speed: 100.00
1undeadCreepy Cratehealth: 160power: 10speed: 100.00
1beastDarting Hatchlinghealth: 142power: 11speed: 110.00
1flyingGold Mini Jousterhealth: 148power: 11speed: 100.00
1flyingGreat Horned Owlhealth: 160power: 10speed: 100.00
1flyingHawk Owlhealth: 148power: 11speed: 110.00
1beastLeaping Hatchlinghealth: 144power: 11speed: 110.00
1mechanicalLil' Smokyhealth: 156power: 10speed: 100.00
1beastMr. Grubbshealth: 164power: 12speed: 90.00
1beastObsidian Hatchlinghealth: 157power: 10speed: 100.00
1mechanicalPet Bomblinghealth: 156power: 9speed: 110.00
1beastRazormaw Hatchlinghealth: 144power: 11speed: 110.00
1critterRed-Tailed Chipmunkhealth: 149power: 9speed: 90.00
1mechanicalRobo-Chickhealth: 158power: 8speed: 90.00
1aquaticTree Froghealth: 156power: 9speed: 100.00
1critterUndercity Cockroachhealth: 154power: 9speed: 110.00
1humanoidWinter's Little Helperhealth: 151power: 10speed: 100.00
1elementalWithershealth: 153power: 10speed: 110.00
1aquaticWood Froghealth: 156power: 9speed: 110.00
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