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EU-The Maelstrom Item Level Character Rankings

PvP Realm
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Dottey (lfg) 576.88
Tösabít (lfg)O v e r r a t e d589.07
Kljovo (lfg)Grim Harvest587.88
Sowilo (lfg)The Inner Circle586.75
Trustone (lfg)O v e r r a t e d585.47
Happsie (lfg)Grim Harvest584.47
Ayza (lfg)The Inner Circle583.31
Happypaly (lfg)The Inner Circle583.00
Jameroz (lfg)Methods of Madness582.63
Grondath (lfg)BAFFO581.81
Lytes (lfg)Nightshift581.27
Azax (lfg)The Inner Circle578.50
Humphfry (lfg)Sparks576.20
Fehu (lfg)The Inner Circle574.94
Drodo (lfg)BAFFO570.47
Moyzesh (lfg)Replicant566.56
Fries (lfg)The Inner Circle565.56
Kuleledd (lfg)Eternal Order564.19
Exeqt (lfg)Snutjag556.81
Ameesa (lfg)Get gear or wipe t..555.31
Oreoqt (lfg) 552.31
Ancientfreak (lfg) 544.20
Chenoa (lfg)Voice of Reason540.94
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