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TW-Spirestone Item Level Character Rankings

PvP Realm
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1幻影無雙Punishment of Asia727.13
2台灣爛香蕉Punishment of Asia725.75
3凡夢 (u)Punishment of Asia723.47
4Pika (u)Punishment of Asia722.75
5BotherPunishment of Asia722.47
6神也一樣 (u)Punishment of Asia722.33
7MomoonPunishment of Asia722.27
8木頭兔兔Punishment of Asia722.25
9WarlaslolPunishment of Asia721.87
10雄大大 (u)Punishment of Asia721.81
11非凡之血Punishment of Asia721.38
12夜空之希望Punishment of Asia721.31
13SupremePunishment of Asia721.20
14日出茶太Punishment of Asia721.19
15HidiPunishment of Asia720.06
16卑詩小櫻桃Punishment of Asia719.47
17BroggenPunishment of Asia719.13
18大媽有大奶Punishment of Asia718.60
19Felstriker (u)Punishment of Asia718.38
20星河夜雨Punishment of Asia717.53
21優羽Punishment of Asia715.27
22PuttjePunishment of Asia715.13
23變色牛Punishment of Asia715.13
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